Inject Excitement Into Your Company’s Blog – What to Write About

Excitement BlogMost bloggers have no trouble at all with devising new ideas for their content strategy. Not only do traditional bloggers have an immense amount of potential ideas at their disposal, but many of these topics are popular with their readers. Business blogs, on the other hand, may struggle to generate exciting content that is appealing to a wide swath of the web. Usually, business blogs target an even smaller niche of readers, making it difficult to create exciting, popular content that reaches far and wide. Despite these obstacles, there are several ways that businesses can increase the likelihood of their content being seen and enjoyed by many. Below, we’ll outline a few simple ways to accomplish this and make your business blog’s existence justifiable.

Everybody Loves How-tos

Your business blog may be very narrowly focused, pinging users who only have interest in insider dealings within your industry. This can lead to dull, generic blog posts that appeal to very few. If you want to boost traffic and bring excitement to the table, then you must consider the use of how-to articles and videos! Even if the subject at hand isn’t directly linked to your business, these types of posts can drastically boost your blog’s readership. A company specializing in footwear, for instance, might create a how-to video relating to several different (and exotic) ways to tie shoelaces. The possibilities are endless with how-to videos and posts, and this type of content is one of the strongest performing types of content on the web.

What About Infographics?

Another excellent way to make your content more exciting is to use infographics in your posts. Not only do infographics do well when it comes to social media sharing and email marketing, but it can also be a great way to earn backlinks from a variety of sources. The same rule as mentioned for the how-tos can apply here: the infographic in question does not have to pertain directly to your business, but instead can show industry trends or an indirect trend that may tie in with your brand. A variety of graphic designers can be found on the web who specialize in infographic creation; you’ll pay next to nothing for their services, so long as the research has already been compiled.

Follow Your Competitors

Unless your business blog is the biggest and most popular brand in your industry (in terms of web traffic), you may have a lot to learn from your competitors. One recommendation for new and exciting content is to simply look at what your competitors are pinging users with, then reverse engineer the process. They may have a variety of great ideas covered on their blog that can be repurposed and reverse-engineered to work for you. This is where your analytics and monitoring skills will come in handy – by identifying the best-performing posts on the most popular business blogs in your niche, you’ll be able to get an idea of what works for both your niche and for other readers.

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