What Are Facebook Dynamic Ads?

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For many years now, brands and businesses have been able to take advantage of advertising options on Facebook. While limited in scope at the onset, the world’s biggest social media platform now offers a ton of customization options. Whether you’re targeting a large audience or small, there are both traditional and mobile ad options available to everybody.

Dynamic ads have been available for a couple of years now, but many brands aren’t taking advantage of them. Perfect for those who are using their Facebook presences to sell products directly via the interface, these dynamic ads can make a huge difference.

Today, we’ll look at what dynamic ads on Facebook are and how they can help.

The Gist of Dynamic Ads

In many ways, Facebook Dynamic Ads aren’t dissimilar to the long-available multi-product ads that businesses can use on the platform. In both cases, these ad sets can be configured to show a veritable carousel of multiple products, all within the frame of a single ad. Users can click on each item to see more information and can begin the purchasing process directly from the ad itself.

However, Dynamic Ads beef up the customization options available to businesses. Not only can businesses feature up to ten unique products and/or videos for audiences to peruse, but the ad set can also be configured to show any one of these featured products as a solo variation of the ad in question.

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to show a carousel of products or a single product to a consumer. For example, potential customers who have already been pinging your website and sorting through its product collection may be better converted by showing them one of the several products in which they’ve already taken interest. However, individuals who have not taken such a step prior may be persuaded more effectively by showing them a variety of items, thereby maximizing the chance of them clicking, engaging or purchasing something.

Benefits of Dynamic Ads

While we outlined above when you might want to use one variation of Dynamic Ads or another, there are clear benefits to using this option regardless of format. Probably the most obvious benefit is that you can advertise multiple products at once via one ad, rather than having to configure a litany of different ad campaigns. Additionally, Dynamic Ads that include multiple products can continue to remain relevant for far longer than most other product campaigns. It’s also worth noting that Dynamic Ads have a better chance of showing every person within an audience something they’ll find intriguing, thereby increasing the effectiveness of campaigns.

How to Use Dynamic Ads

In order to take advantage of this feature, you must have a Facebook Page and a Business Manager account on the platform. You’ll need to setup an ad account, design an online product catalog via Facebook, and enable Facebook’s Pixel service. After you’ve done this, you’ll be ready for new waves of customers to start pinging your website and buying your products.

Dynamic Ads really are the way to go for businesses that want to showcase multiple products. Given their ease of use and benefits, there’s no excuse not to embrace this valuable marketing option on Facebook starting today.

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