Be More Productive with Your Marketing Tasks via Automation

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Keeping an organized check on all of your marketing tasks can be a monumental challenge. Between various platforms and ad sets, a lot of information can become scattered and many minute tasks that must be performed consistently can drive you crazy.

As such, finding new ways to help automate and streamline these processes is vital to both performance and your sanity. The less time you spend organizing, deploying and analyzing your marketing campaigns, the more profitable they become.

To help you out, we’ll look at some ways to automate marketing tasks and be more productive.

Utilize Scripts

Most PPC campaigns are easily customized and altered in theory, but to those not in line with the latest forms of automation, it can feel like anything but. One of the most common ways brands and marketers are maximizing their campaign efficiency is by using a variety of scripts to pull information and analyze current events. These scripts work by pinging websites for basic information and dump it directly into your control panel or analytics solution. Solutions such as Google Ads even has a dedicated scripts section where users can add all of their preferred scripts, schedule how often they’re executed and easily access its findings.

Embrace Spreadsheets

There’s plenty of analysis to be conducted when advertising products and services – and it’s not all mere data about the performance of your campaigns. Whether you are conducting competitor research or analyzing bidding opportunities, tables and tables of data have to be sorted and evaluated.

Many people manually sift through this data, trying to uncover new developments or trends. Instead of using this backbreaking work, why not utilize spreadsheet solutions such as Excel, along with its more advanced functions? Some valuable functions include the option of building pivot tables and charts, which automatically fetch up-to-date data from the sources you designate. Never again will you have to download and organize new data every time you need to check on something.

Take Advantage of Smart & Automated Bidding

For marketers who need to make adjustments to bids on a regular basis, the entire process can feel frustrating. After all, pinging websites every day with different bidding criteria can take copious amounts of time if you’re operating marketing efforts across many channels and platforms. Thankfully, simplifying this issue is within reach – as is better bidding options in general.

Automated bidding solutions can be used via Google and other platforms as a series of user-specified rules, dictated by your own specific preferences and budget. For example, if you make a predictable set of changes to each of your ad campaigns three times per week, then implementing an automated bidding process to handle this can free up more time to focus on other areas.

Likewise, smart bidding solutions help campaigns better conduct A/B testing, adjust visibility based on shifts throughout the day in consumer/audience behaviors, and more.

Ultimately, marketing involves a lot of legwork. You’re not going to be able to get out of it entirely, but you can simplify the process through several automated features and processes. With more time available, you can better focus on improving the substance of your campaigns rather than managing the technical aspects.

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