Three Straightforward Solutions for Significantly Increasing Brand Visibility

Telescope ViewOnline brands face a myriad number of challenges in today’s world. Immense competition, unprecedented technical awareness, picky audiences and tighter budgets are all everyday elements for online brands. With so many brands now seeking their own corner of internet from which to compete, it can be difficult to distinguish oneself from the rest of the pack in such a crowded environment. Visibility and brand awareness are now more important than ever; thankfully, the basics of increasing both awareness and visibility are very simple. We’ll talk about three straightforward solutions today that can help increase your brand’s visibility significantly in the online world.

Utilize Pay Per Click Marketing

It is crucial that your brand strives to achieve organic brand awareness via social media, search engines and other mediums. However, that doesn’t mean that boosting brand visibility should be confined to these methods alone. Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is a great way to achieve instant recognition among targeted audiences for whatever product, service, event or other form of information you wish to promote. You can easily setup PPC campaigns via search engines like Google and Bing (thanks to Google AdWords and Bing Ads) or through social media, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The amount of exposure you can generate per dollar is generally quite a good deal, but only if you’re pinging links and content to audiences that find what you have to offer interesting. Thankfully, the aforementioned platforms offer ways to finely-tune your audience.

Improve Local SEO

Most brands have some relevance to a local geographic area, whether that be a city, neighbourhood, or even state. Many businesses serve customers across the world via the web, but local SEO offers savvy brands the ability to boost brand visibility in local markets. Through a variety of elements such as specialized keywords, business pages, and directory listings, you can ensure that people in a given geographic area who search for products or services related to your brand will quickly find you via search. This can be a very powerful approach when combined with PPC marketing. Smart brands will execute this type of strategy for multiple geographic areas for even greater visibility.

Hammer Away on Social Media

In many respects, social media is beginning to surpass search engines as the most notable organic method in which people absorb information, read news and learn about new products, services and brand. Social media presents an excellent opportunity for you to connect with like-minded people, tell them what your brand is about, and expand your visibility in meaningful ways. Social media use for most brands is nuanced, however, and this means that you must provide ample benefit, entertainment, and community to those with whom you’d like to connect. If done properly, the amount of shares, comments, likes and engagement that you generate will help begin a snowball effect in which your brand’s visibility grows massively over time. Once again, social media use coupled with PPC campaigns via said networks that are pinging links to your brand can dramatically boost visibility above and beyond mere organic social media engagement.

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