Quick, Fun Solutions for Increasing Lead Generation via Interaction

Giraffe on LeadEverybody these days is seeking ways in which to turn casual browsers into conversion success stories. Whether you want someone to sign up for email updates, purchase products or contact you for more information about a topic, lead generation is a powerful element in today’s world of content marketing and creation. It can be difficult to convince users to provide you with their information, in a world where everybody is asking for it. Sometimes, a bit of interaction and fun is all that it takes to convince people to do the right thing. Below, we’ll outline a few quick and fun solutions to help you increase lead generation for your brand beginning today.

Give Them Quizzes

If you use social media, then there’s a good chance that you won’t have to scroll through your news feed very far to find a quiz that somebody has shared. Quizzes can be a great way to discover what your audience is thinking, what they will buy, or what causes motivate them to act. Sites such as Buzzfeed and SurveyMonkey make it extremely easy to create creative, multi-faceted quizzes that collect a variety of consumer data from individuals in a fun way. You can even attempt to connect the survey results with an email address in order to maximize lead effectiveness. If that’s not an option, then consider providing them with a link to a relevant landing page at the end of the quiz that matches their answers.

Have a Contest

People absolutely love free stuff! From the smallest of items to huge giveaways, it is quite easy to convince many to part with their personal information in exchange for winning a free item or service. Many people use the format of an online raffle, in which each person provides their email address in order to have a chance to win a select product. If you want to really add some lead potential to the contest, then offer additional chances to win to each person through the sharing of the contest on social media or elsewhere. Not only can lead generation occur through this method, but each person who enters the contest will be pinging your website with traffic, which increases the likelihood that they will explore other areas of your website.

Prove Your Value

For those who provide products and services online, a huge reason why shopping carts get left unfulfilled is due to doubt about price. Users may be pinging your website extensively during peak seasonal periods, but if they are leaving the carts unfulfilled, then that doesn’t amount to much. You can demonstrate honesty and earn trust with shoppers by providing price comparison resources on your website that illustrate the cost for the products that you provide and comparable costs from other top competitors. This will give users some confidence of the prices they can expect to pay elsewhere, helping to convert more of those initial leads into conversions and purchases. With the end goal being for many brands a higher rate of conversions, this is a sure-fire way to accomplish it – despite it seeming unconventional.

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