Simple Solutions for Generating PR and Media for Your Brand Online

One of the most valuable commodities for any business is attention. To be seen and heard is to be noticed, and for most brands, this is the basic formula for generating success. Every type of brand – from retail outlets to non-profit charities – relies on generating buzz in order to increase awareness and reach a bigger audience.

However, not every business or brand can generate attention as easily as the rest. The internet has made it possible for brands to utilize a variety of tricks and strategies to reach new audiences, which can help balance some of this discrepancy.

Today, let’s look at some simple ways businesses and brands can generate PR and media attention for their causes and endeavors online.

Be the Source for a Story

In pursuit of local PR and media attention online, one of the best ways to generate attention is by becoming the story. Local news outlets and even relevant, related blogs are constantly looking for new stories to cover.

If you have a good idea for a story that relates to your brand, then why not make a pitch to your local reporter or blogger? While the act of pinging websites with ideas for news stories seems simple enough, the effect it can have on behalf of your brand is immense.

By becoming the story, you naturally give your brand an opportunity to be put front and center. Whether it’s driven by current events, a specific act your brand has taken or merely citations from being an expert on the broader topic, this can help drive traffic and SEO clout to your online brand.

Stir the Pot

While it may not be the first course of action for many brands, blogs and businesses, many have learned that controversy can be an incredible PR tool. If you want local news outlets, newspapers and other websites to report on your brand and what it’s doing, there may be no better way to generate attention than by veering into controversy.

This must be carefully handled; the wrong controversial move can end your brand or damage its reputation permanently. However, many brands have mastered the art of controversy online and generate loyal audiences and followings as a result. You too can make this happen – but it requires a deft touch.

Have a Social Calling

Brands that do good in the world tend to find themselves in the spotlight more often than not. The reason for this is simple: many media outlets love to feature human interest stories that show the kindness of others.

Brands that have a charitable side can generate plenty of free buzz by simply doing what they do. In conjunction with the first tip mentioned above, alerting media to your latest canned food drive or fundraiser can snowball into a whirlwind of PR. Before you know it, your story will be pinging websites all over the internet.

There are countless ways to generate attention for your brand – some organic, others involving huge budgets. For small businesses and brands, however, a bit of creativity can go a long way. Whether you choose to become the story or not, these three options are among the most effective solutions available when seeking to get a bit of publicity.


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