Simple Social Media Marketing Mistakes to Avoid Starting Today

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Oops ButtonNever before in the history of the internet has it been so easy to make a debilitating mistake than it is on social media today. From the occasional bad tactic to an embarrassing message that goes viral, there are many pitfalls that brands of all sizes must avoid in order to remain relevant and appease their audiences. Some mistakes relate to reputation and impressions, while others relate to the effectiveness of a given post. Whatever the case, avoiding as many of these mistakes as possible is crucial in weathering the storm and facing the competition. Below, we’ll discuss some simple social media marketing mistakes you’ll need to begin avoiding – starting today – to improve your fortunes.

Talking Too Much About the Brand

This is a critical mistake that many small and big brands alike can easily make. Despite the fact that your audience understands who you are and despite their voluntary connection with you, posts that merely discuss the brand will not do as well as engaging content in other sources. Pinging users with product details or press releases will not garner much engagement – if any – unless you can find ways to make it exciting. Videos, slideshows and infographics can be great ways to liven up brand-related messaging, but be sure to promote the brand directly only when necessary. The rest of the time, use creative content that inspires, engages and motivates people to act (with the brand mention being an afterthought).

Using Too Many Hashtags

The concept of the hashtag has made it possible to expand social media mentions beyond a brand’s audience, reaching into various categories where others will see it. Unfortunately, those who spam the use of the hashtag may find themselves in for a rude awakening. One study showed that any more than two hashtags used in a given post on Twitter actually reduces its overall reach; presumably, Twitter’s algorithms are set to nerf visibility for those tweets that seem to be spamming the system. Similar effects have been observed on Facebook. In addition, readers report in surveys that the excessive use of hashtags is off-putting to them, helping to further reduce the effectiveness of your message. In short, never use more than one or two hashtags to promote your message on social media.

Read It Twice

Before you begin pinging users with any content whatsoever – whether it be your own content or that shared from elsewhere – be sure to review it for any mistakes, omissions or poorly-phrased words. The last thing you want is controversy because a seemingly innocuous comment is interpreted differently due to current events or a lack of consideration. If the content is being shared from somewhere else, then it is just as important to review it fully in order to ensure that there are no factual errors or controversial statements buried deep within it. These errors or hot-button statements can then become linked to your brand and result in alienation of key elements of your existing audience. An extra minute of effort before each post can go a long way toward ensuring that your audience gets the right impression every single time.

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