Ways to Optimize WordPress to Generate More Traffic and Sales

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Traffic  and SalesIf you run your online business using WordPress, you definitely need to implement the right strategies that will boost the amount of traffic that arrives at your site. This is because WordPress has become so popular amongst individuals who want to run their own blogs or their own businesses online. The service has made it so simple to start a site and, because of that, the competition has skyrocketed, and your business could end up at the bottom if you don’t take action today.

Use SEO to Generate Both Traffic and Conversions

Knowing how to use SEO strategies properly will not only increase the traffic that your site receives but also increase your profits. After all, what good is it if your site generates a lot of traffic but the majority of your visitors don’t bother actually buying anything? First off, use an SEO plugin, such as WordPress SEO by Yoast, which helps you put the right number of keywords throughout your site, or SEO Ultimate, which posts all of the meta data of your WordPress website on one convenient page, making it easy to avoid duplicate content or update several pages at once. Meta titles and descriptions are also really important when it comes to generating traffic from search engines and social media pages. Be as descriptive and persuasive as possible in order to get the highest number of interested customers possible.

Make Sure Your Site is Fast

Slow load times can have a terrible effect upon how many people actually stay on your site long enough to make a purchase, so you definitely want to be sure your site is able to load quickly both on computers and mobile devices. To figure out how quickly your site loads currently, use tools like the Pingdom Website Speed Test or Google PageSpeed Insights. Once you get the results, you’ll know how much work you have to do and you can easily monitor your progress. To increase your speed right away, remove excess plugins and unnecessary code. You can also try other tactics, which include deleting revisions, caching, and offloading static content.

Create Landing Pages to Use to Your Advantage

The right landing page will prevent visitors from being distracted by too many choices when they reach your website, so this is the perfect way to direct customers to a specific product or service that you want them to know about. Remember, you only have a few seconds to impress a website visitor, so use your landing page wisely to generate more sales.

Take Advantage of ecommerce Plugins

Another great way to generate more sales from your online business is by taking advantage of ecommerce plugins. These plugins will make building your website so much easier if your goal is to sell to the public. One great example is Digital Access Pass. This comprehensive plugin is popular amongst WordPress page owners who want to sell digital products through their websites.

Remember to Always Use Analytics

To make sure your strategies are paying off, always use an analytics program, such as Google Analytics, to track your traffic and conversion rate.

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