4 Small Business Ideas That Have Low Overhead Costs

Starting a business can make you feel like you require lots of money to not only get things going but to keep the business afloat. In addition to startup costs, though, entrepreneurs have to also think about the overhead costs of the new business. Overhead costs are different from startup costs because startup costs are associated with starting the business while overhead costs are required to keep the business going, even though they are not necessarily tied to creating an income or revenue. So, which businesses have low overhead costs?

Content Creation

Content creation is a broad umbrella that encompasses everything from writing to graphic design. Social media and the digital world we live in now have created opportunities to start successful businesses with low overhead costs.

Creatives can use their talents to create content for individuals, businesses, and media companies. All they need in terms of investment is a computer that can create the content, an internet connection, and time. There are some instances where you may need to learn to up your skill, but all the resources you need to do so are free online.

With the growth and popularity of the gig economy, it has become easier to start a content creation business and market your services to the world.


If you have a unique set of skills and can teach, you can become a tutor. The only cost you will have to incur is the cost of acquiring the skill. Once you do this, your overhead costs will be very low, and you do not need to travel for work or incur other work-related costs.

There are numerous tutoring opportunities for those with the right skills, who can now tutor around the world from the comfort of their homes. The students bring their own computers, and you bring your expertise and experience.

Virtual Assistance

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are always quite busy and so need someone to assist them with some tasks so they can focus on running their businesses. If you have good organizational skills, you could start a virtual assistance business.

As a virtual or personal assistant, you will be handling secretarial tasks such as replying to emails, calling different people, making reservations, and so on. The best thing about this business is that you can work for and with many clients at the same time if you are organized enough to keep track of all your tasks.

Wedding Planning

Planning a wedding is hectic and stressful for a lot of couples, and this is why they opt to leave everything to a professional. If you can organize a wedding, then this is a business you can run successfully. Also, couples often have a very high budget for wedding planning, so it is a lucrative option, too.

You will need to cultivate relationships with venues, locations, vendors, and suppliers, but your startup and overhead costs should remain relatively low.

Running a business does not have to mean spending a lot on overhead costs every month. There are lots of business ideas that cost very little to execute, and that can be very lucrative.

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