The Best Audiences to Reach Through Each Social Media Network

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Social Media NetworkingThe world of social media has opened up new doors for content creators, businesses and marketers alike, in their search for new audiences and an expanded reach. With so many social networks to choose from, it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time and which ones are better left for others to explore. Not all social media networks are created equally, and as such, you will quickly discover that different demographics tend to frequent different social networks. If you want to build a customized marketing or content strategy around social sharing and are targeting a specific audience, then it helps to know where your time is best spent. Below, we’ll detail who you can expect to find in larger numbers on some of the more popular social networks.


The second-most popular social media network in the world has a lot of potential, but marketers may not want to utilize it if its demographics don’t fit theirs. On Twitter, demographics are skewed toward the youth, with a large number of its users falling into the 18-29 demographic. If your business or brand is targeting black audiences with its products and services, then Twitter is also a good market for this audience. Finally, despite what many have said, research shows that more men use Twitter than women, making it a social network that has potential for niche advertising to various male-oriented audiences.


One of the more professional social media networks in existence, LinkedIn strives to connect professionals with one another and ensure they are able to thrive in their occupations. As expected, LinkedIn caters to an older audience; if your target market consists of individuals between the ages of 50-64, then you will find no better alternative than this network. Pinging users with advertisements on here should take that into account, as well as the fact that LinkedIn has more active individuals with more than four years of post-secondary education than any other social network.


Women by far are the biggest users of Pinterest, which makes it a marketer’s goldmine. A vast majority of brands prefer to target women over men when it comes to advertisements, as women either directly or indirectly have a much larger say in how the finances of the home are spent. Pinterest is also home to a larger share of those who earn more than $75,000 per year, which makes it an even richer target for those who want to cash in with wealthier, targeted audiences.


Pinging users on Instagram with your ads can yield great results, if you target your audiences properly. On this network, you will find larger numbers of Hispanics and Blacks as a percentage of users than on any other network, as well as a younger audience than Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. If your targeted audience revolves around a more diverse crowd and younger people, then giving this network a try is an absolute must. People who earn less than $50,000 per year are also a larger than average constituency on Instagram.

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