Easily Record and Write Important Notes Using AudioNote

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Important NotesThe AudioNote app, available in the App Store and Google Play, is both a notepad and a voice recorder at the same time. From business meetings to notes that you can jot down while you are at home or at the office brainstorming how you can improve your company, this app allows you to take down the information as both audio and text.

Record Audio and Notes at the Same Time

Imagine that you are in a business meeting or at a seminar for the latest business marketing strategies but you know that you are bad at taking notes, or you simply cannot keep up with the lecture and take notes at the same time without getting distracted by one or the other. Well, with AudioNote, you can have the best of both worlds. You can take quick notes on your mobile device, such as your iPad or Android tablet, while recording the person speaking at the same time. When you revisit the notes later on, you will be able to access the audio if you have any questions or you want to double-check anything.

When it comes to recording, you can also pause the recording and restart it. So if you are in a lecture and there is a 15-minute break, for example, you can pause the recording and then resume it when the meeting resumes. And when everything is complete, you can even set up a printer to which you can send your notes to have them on paper as well as on your device.

See Words Highlighted as a Recording Plays

As you listen back to your recording, you’ll be able to see the words from that part of the recording highlighted along with the person’s voice. And each word becomes a link to that part of the lecture, business meeting, etc. that you were in, so you never need to worry about searching out the exact portion of the audio that matches the point in time that you wrote the notes that you now need to verify.

In addition to typing, you can also add geometric shapes and draw your own images in the notes. You can also highlight certain words and even add photos to them. And, of course, you can do all of this while the app is recording or while it is on standby.

Add Titles and Organise Your Notes

Save your files directly to your device in any folder you create, as well as to your cloud server for easy access from anywhere. You can also add titles so that you can quickly and easily find the notes you need when you need them.

A User Interface that is Easy to Learn and Use

There is no need to worry about the user interface being confusing. In fact, you can download the app and get started right away. Everything that you need is right on the main screen so that you do not have to go searching throughout a series of menus to find it.

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