Starting a New Website? Here’s How to Grab Traffic Immediately

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A new website has very little working in its favour to generate organic traffic. Since search engines view both the quantity and quality of content – as well as the age of each website – as prime factors in their rankings, it can be nearly impossible to generate traffic via search results at the onset. Likewise, organic traffic through social media and email can only be done once you have built a base of supporters and subscribers. Despite this, it is actually quite easy to begin directing traffic to your website immediately – if you’re willing to invest a little. Today, we’ll talk about what you can do to start the flow of traffic to your website right now.

Pay for Ads

If you have something in the form of content or products that the masses will love to see, why not invest in a bit of advertising to jump start your traffic? There are several different ways to begin sending traffic to your website via this method, including social media advertisements and ads through Google AdWords. Both are highly cost-effective and can be scaled to ensure you’re pinging your website with dozens or thousands of new visitors each day. The great thing about advertising through these methods is the ability to target exactly who see it. With social media, you select the parameters based on who they are and what they like; with AdWords, you do so by specifying select topics that your targets are searching for or browsing.

Organic Social Media Posts

Once you have begun building a social media presence – either with a small organic effort or through social media advertising – you can then start leveraging that base into traffic for your website. Organic social media posts are easy enough to create and when targeted to a relevant audience, will bring valuable traffic to your website. Best of all, using this method is absolutely free and only requires a bit of your time. Especially for websites that are already churning out content, it takes next to no effort at all to begin posting on social media and giving your target audience exactly what they wish to see.

Email Marketing

Whether you’ve been working on a mailing list through other means for some time, or you purchase access to one, email marketing still remains one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising available. Most new websites do not have huge mailing lists to tap into that they’ve built from scratch, but there are many services available that can connect you with mailing lists relevant to your target audience’s interests. By pinging your website in highly personalized and customized emails to a relevant audience, you can attract subscribers, customers or other interested parties. Much like organic social media posts, email marketing takes next to no time and very little money beyond the initial investment.

So there you have it: three surefire ways to begin sending new traffic to your new website immediately. There are of course many unique methods you can consider that’ll build your traffic flow and ensure you’re able to attract people for the long-term, but these can be used immediately to get a foothold within your target audience. What other methods are you planning on using to grow your website? Tell us below about what you have planned.


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  1. February 8th, 2017 16:43

    Personally, I like the paying for the ads route. When posting on blogs, sometimes your post (with a link) gets deleted by the blog owner/moderator.


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