New to Graphic Design? Check Out These Resources

Tablet GraphicsThe need to properly optimize a website for the web is now more crucial than ever. With the need for quality content now being the most important element for performing well in search, it can become easy to forget about other important dynamics. The need for well-crafted SEO services is definitely important, as is the need for a comprehensive presence on social media. Aesthetics matter, too. Graphic design is an important element in any brand or business’ online presence, and an increasing number of people are deciding to take their brands’ efforts into their own hands. If you are new to graphic design and want to have the maximum impact possible from the get-go, then continue reading to find out about these excellent design resources you can begin using today.

Google Fonts

While many content management systems and graphic design programs alike feature many different fonts, there is a lot of repetition. When building a quality website that maximizes legibility and style, you can’t afford to make any mistakes. Enter Google Fonts, which is a new take on designing excellent websites and beautiful images with the perfect fonts. You’ll be able to navigate through hundreds of free fonts on the website, testing out each one with customized text. Once you find a font family that you like, simply add it to your collection. From here, you’ll be able to deploy the fonts on your website or elsewhere. This may be one of the best tools out there for pinging search engines with well-typed pages that users will love.

Adobe Colour CC

Have you ever wanted to build a website from scratch but hesitate due to a lack of colour-coordination knowledge? Worry no more, for Adobe Colour CC is here! This useful utility can be accessed via the web and is a perfect solution for envisioning colours side-by-side. Whether you are designing a colour scheme for your website or need a bit of inspiration for an infographic, this utility can be activated to find the perfect colours for any occasion. You’ll be able to explore a variety of pre-existing colour patterns, as well as generate your own that can be saved and exported. The schemes can then be added to graphic design programs such as Photoshop for easy and precise coordination.


Ready to design anything and everything for your brand in Photoshop? Then you’ll love the flexibility available via Fribbble, a platform that provides users with hundreds of different design downloads and resources. Whether you want to incorporate new imagery into your website, design a landing page, add aesthetic appeal to your navigation or improve mobile responsive design, Fribbble has designs and files ready for download. A quick search will help you find resources specifically meant for your needs, while the main page can be quickly browsed for new ideas and inspiration. Pinging search engines with nice designs that ensure users come back for more is paramount in today’s world of web competition – Fribbble has a lot of inspiration that can be used in any and all aspects of your graphic design projects.

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