How to Fit Blog Writing Into Your Daily Routine

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It is a balancing act to keep your blog full of interesting content while also keeping your spirits high and energized from the toll that writing can take on you. We all develop coping mechanisms to help deal with the amount of work that comes with operating a successful blog, but there are many times when we may fall short due to exhaustion, fatigue or sheer boredom. Making time every day to do regular blog maintenance and upkeep – along with pinging a website’s new content – can become repetitive and we may find ourselves without the time. This article will help you find ways to squeeze in those extra minutes each day in order to keep your blog in tip-top shape.

Finding Extra Time

We all have downtime, extra time and wasted time that occurs every single day. Usually, these blocks of time are small but they add up, possibly accumulating to be hours of time each day. The only way to break this bad habit is to examine wasteful habits in which you engage and begin to shave off minutes from each activity. Do you find yourself watching TV at random intervals throughout the day? What about pacing through the house while brainstorming for good writing ideas? Sit down, remove the distractions and allocate an extra fifteen minutes each day for writing in this manner; everybody has fifteen minutes of waste that they can reshuffle.

Improve Your Writing Skills

Even when we are sitting down with keyboard ready, our writing skills may be cramping our styles. If you have been having difficulties with finishing articles within a certain period of time, then you may wish to consider attempting to improve your writing speed. The difference in just ten words per minute when it comes to typing speed can allow you to finish a 500-word article one to two minutes faster than you would otherwise. There are online typing courses that can help you improve form and ultimately, fire those keys off faster and help you complete the tasks at hand in record time.

Auxiliary Publishing Methods

If you are away from home but have access to a tablet or mobile phone, then you can be doing valuable work on your blog and articles. Many of us fail to realize the benefit of engaging in content creation and distribution while we are on the go; if you are sitting on a bus or waiting for traffic to clear up, use your mobile device to jot down a paragraph or two for an upcoming article. You can save the draft in a platform such as WordPress and come back to it later when you have full access. You can also do the simple tasks such as pinging a website’s new content from your mobile phone, giving you more time to write once you are at a desk.


There are literally hours each day when most of us could be maximizing our efforts with blog maintenance and content creation. By shaving off some of those bad time wasting habits, improving the process through which we write and using mobile options to work on the go, we can reclaim that time while also being productive.


  1. December 2nd, 2012 21:56

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    January 30th, 2013 0:05

    yup .. i agree completely with your very nice article .. thanks


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    Thanks, It´s been a very helpful article, It´s a very good idea to use short time periods for pre write articles and then complete them instead of wait to have 2 or 3 hours straight. Great tip !!


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