Send Your Conversion Rates into the Stratosphere with These Tips

Digital marketing remains an effective strategy for reaching large numbers of people. Whereas more traditional forms of marketing remain somewhat viable and expensive, digital marketing can be used to target individuals at a much lower cost per person. Nevertheless, it often requires multiple impressions in order to successfully convert any one individual.

This is why improving overall conversion rates in any campaign – whether it be email marketing, social media marketing or something entirely different – is vital. The higher your conversion rates, the less you have to spend. As such, let’s talk about a few simple solutions that can be used to send your conversion rates into the stratosphere starting today.

Provide a Benefit

What exactly are people gaining from subscribing, purchasing or committing to a particular act? Depending on the nature of your marketing campaign, you may be asking people to sign up, subscribe or buy. In all of these cases, it is essential that you provide an upfront demonstration of value – a benefit – for them to act.

This could be anything from a free e-book to a discount on their next purchase. Whatever the focus of the campaign, there is something of value that can be provided as an incentive to convince users to act. By pinging users with a benefit or value upfront, you’re automatically guaranteed to get more responses and engagements.

Use a Direct Ask

There are so many campaigns out there that do not effectively ask the user to convert directly. While many marketing campaigns utilize landing pages and other forms of content to convince users to engage, campaigns that open and close with a direct ask generate much higher conversion rates.

Why is this? In part, because it eliminates any ambiguity about what it is you want the person to do. It is one thing to showcase a particular product or offering, but it is quite another to do so and make the request that they act in precisely the way you wish. This is one reason why landing pages have become so popular for marketing campaigns launched via social media and email: it provides multiple opportunities to ask the user to commit to the desired action at-hand.

Expand Your Marketing

Many digital marketing campaigns focus explicitly on targeting users through one or more channels. However, if you have access to a mailing list or large social media following, then you probably also have a website or blog from which to promote your campaigns as well.

By incorporating both organic and paid marketing strategies into each campaign, you’ll be able to generate a larger number of conversions and lower your overall cost per conversion. Many brands look at their websites as one area where free and easy promotion can be conducted: by including sign-up forms on the home page, in sidebars, in footers and in any other appropriate elements of your website, you can generate free conversions by pinging users with more overall impressions.

For brands that are experiencing low conversion rates in their marketing efforts, a few simple changes can yield a world of improvement. By expanding your marketing efforts across channels and incorporating organic strategies, using the direct ask in all situations and providing a tangible benefit to the person upfront, you’ll be able to increase conversions dramatically in no time at all.

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