What Infographics Can Do For You

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Info Graphics MapOver the past several years, content has taken on new forms as the internet permits brands and content creators to upload richer variations of it. From videos and podcasts to high-definition photography, there are plenty of ways to showcase a thought or convey emotion on the internet of today. Infographics really began to take over a few years ago as a way to convey a large number of facts and statistics about a given subject in an easy-to-digest and aesthetically pleasing way. We’ve all enjoyed at least a few infographics in our time, but what exactly can an infographic do for your brand? Below, we’ll discuss the benefits that infographics bring and how they can be a valuable content addition to your brand’s existing strategy.

Let People Know

Want to drum up interest about your brand or broader industry? An infographic is a great way to do just that. Sometimes, spewing a bunch of statistics about a subject will easily be ignored when presented in the confines of mere text. Constructing an infographic, however, can allow for the information to be provided in a more colourful and easily absorbed way that makes people want to read it. In addition, many infographics find a way to tie their particular point of interest to something else that will drive even more attention (like pop culture or current events). This combination of factors can really help you drive home the point of whatever the subject of the infographic is to be about.

Boost Sharing

If you are familiar with the nature of photos/videos and how much more they are shared on social media when compared to traditional articles, then use that as a reference point and consider infographics to be photos on steroids. A well-designed infographic shared from your social media profiles will be much more likely to take off when presented to interested audiences, which in turn will give your brand additional recognition within new audiences. As your followers begin to share said content with their friends, family members and acquaintances, your brand generates plenty of new opportunities to connect with these individuals. Infographics shared through and published to social media can also be used for pinging URLs back to your website, as well as your social media profile.

Increase Back Links

While sharing through social media is the most streamlined way that sharing can benefit your brand, do not forget about other opportunities for sharing! When interested parties in your industry or niche discover your infographic, many will be tempted to share it with their audiences. Not only does it give them an opportunity to post new content and an update to their own sites, but it provides you with a fresh, new back link to your own website as well. Ultimately, building back links can help you to improve your search engine standings and perform better in key SERPs. Anyone who is pinging URLs back to your website will also likely be sending fresh traffic your way from those sites. Tangibly and from the perspective of SEO, the back links garnered from building informative infographics may be the biggest benefit a brand can expect from them.

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