Get Creative With Your PPC Ads

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Generating success with pay per click ads (PPC) can sometimes seem to be hit and miss. After all, there are many different variables that go into generating and having a successful ad campaign. Depending on who you are targeting, certain elements of your campaign may need to be tweaked to be appealing, while other variables may not be within your control as an advertiser (such as who is browsing the internet on any given day). Nevertheless, there are plenty of elements you can control by being creative and ingenious – the following tips will help stoke the creative fires in you and hopefully will result in an improved PPC campaign.

Draw Them In With Headlines

The first and biggest struggle of a PPC campaign is devising it in a way that will convince readers to click on it. While each topic and campaign will have its own angle, there has to be a creative element when it comes to pinging search engines with your advertising. The goal of the headline should be one that piques the interests of fellow readers but does not give away the entirety of the content being advertised. A news headline, for instance, would not be a good headline for a PPC campaign. Leaving some form of doubt is vital in making the reader want to click on your ad.

Elude to Freebies

One of the best ways in which you can get someone’s attention is by suggesting that there is something of merit to be gained by clicking on the ad in question. Whether that be a coupon, a free item or service or simply information that is vital, you have to demonstrate some form of value when advertising to sceptical viewers. Smart campaigners will use this as an opportunity to connect with the user; if you can snag an email address, a like on your Facebook page or some other form of connection, then your ad campaign may prove to be valuable depending on the initial intent.

Discuss What’s Happening

Current news and events can be a great way in which unreachable people can be found. While the prior mention of not using standard news headlines to advertise still applies, there is nothing preventing you from pinging search engines with a creative title that summarizes or eludes to a current event that may spark controversy or is otherwise related to your product or service. This angle works best with ad campaigns that are advertising a time-sensitive product or service – for instance, selling memorabilia of a newly-elected president will only be appealing to most during a very narrow period of time.


Creativity cannot be completely defined – otherwise, it would not be considered “creative”. With these tips in mind, it is up to you to utilize the creative elements available on the web to construct an effective advertising campaign that appeals to your target audience. By taking the less beaten path, you stand a chance at breaking out of the traditional confines of poorly-designed advertising and may discover that your next PPC campaign is far more effective than previous attempts.


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