Simple Tweaks to Improve Your Facebook Page’s Clout

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Like ButtonThere are plenty of actions that any Facebook page administrator can take to improve the page’s standing on the social media giant. Many administrators focus on the creation of successful advertising campaigns or attempt to create desirable content, focus grouping and A/B testing various strategies to see what works and what is unsuccessful. What many Facebook page administrators fail to recognize is the role that simple reach has on any page’s exposure. Sure, it sounds like a no-brainer, but how can this aspect of page management be improved? Below, we will discuss a few simple ways in which you can augment your Facebook page’s clout and reach more people without any extensive overhaul to your strategies.

Allow Users to Tag Photos

Depending on the subject, you may find that users enjoy tagging themselves or friends in various photos on your Facebook page. There are a few reasons for this: actual photos may be tagged because the individuals in question were there, some simply do so as a way to demonstrate solidarity with your message or cause, while others will tag their friends in order to share said content with them in a unique fashion. With this option enabled, you can invite all the followers of your page to tag themselves and friends in photos whenever new albums or photos are uploaded. You can enable this feature via the ‘Manage Permissions’ section of your control panel.

Enable Posts by Other Users

Many people find that their Facebook pages lack a certain level of interaction: despite plenty of good content being published by the administrator, it can still feel a bit like a ghost town at times. One way to improve both the amount of discussion and your Facebook page’s clout is by enabling users to post photos and videos to your page’s time-line. Some who is pinging from iPhones or Android devices, for instance, will be able to add videos or photos – which then create stories that their friends will see. This creates a consistent wave of attention for your page without any effort on your part to obtain more followers or friends. This feature can be enabled via the ‘Edit Page’ section within your page’s control panel.

Enable Replies to Comments

By default, Facebook pages do not permit users to directly reply to comments left by other users. In recent months, however, Facebook enabled this feature – but it is not enabled by default. Administrators can enable this feature via the ‘Manage Permissions’ section of their control panel. The rationale behind doing this is that threaded comments will keep discussion more organized and pertinent to fellow subscribers and readers, will send notifications to only those who have received replies to their original comment. Anyone who is pinging from iPhones or other mobile devices will appreciate the streamlined comment interface and will be more likely to engage in the discussion.


Through just a few simple tweaks, you can improve the functionality and reach of your Facebook page without having to resort to time-consuming content strategies, SEO or advertising gimmicks. If you have just a minute or two, then please enable photo and video sharing, tagging of photos and threaded comments in order to improve your page’s reach and organizational structure.

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