Spruce Up Your Contact Page for Maximum Lead Generation

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Presenting your business or brand as a professional entity to your target audience is crucial for maximizing sales and leads. Ultimately, many brands focus on improving elements such as navigational sections, product pages and their broader content offerings. While all of these elements can and do improve your image and potential, it’s important to remember that other site elements can affect performance as well.

Brand contact pages are often one such element that gets overlooked. How easily you facilitate customer and visitor inquiries can dramatically impact the number of sales, subscriptions and other conversions you earn. As such, let’s take a look at how you can spruce up your contact page to amplify the number of leads you’re generating.

Before You Can Improve It…

It might surprise you to know that there are lots of brands that don’t even have a contact page. This may even apply to your own brand. There are numerous reasons why brands may choose not to include one, but they are often misguided justifications. Having a contact page means you’ll be pinging links and vital statistics about your brand to users and search engines alike: if you haven’t yet created a page, then make sure to do so ASAP.

Add Concise Forms

If you want to funnel particular questions and inquiries into silos for easy answering, then forms can be a godsend. However, remember that the average visitor doesn’t want to spend 5-10 minutes filling out an impersonal form. As such, make sure that your form simplifies the contact process as much as possible. By utilizing a maximum of 3 fields, you’ll reduce the chances of people looking for your competitors as an alternative solution.

Flesh Out Your NAP

At the core of every contact page, three vital pieces of information should exist: name, address and telephone number. This is often referred to as “NAP”, and it helps search engines and users alike easily find your brand and ways to contact it. When utilizing NAP appropriately (on both your contact pages and in the header or footer of each page), many people looking for you won’t even need to navigate your website to fetch this information; search engines will index it automatically.

Make It Visible & Obvious

Sometimes, people try to be too creative for their own good. If your contact page is hidden somewhere on your website or named something obscure (i.e. “Reach Out to Us”), then fix this pronto. Keep it simple: make sure that your page is clearly labeled as “Contact” and is visible in both your header and footer.

Provide an Intimate Contact Method

Your contact page should have links to your social media profiles as well as forms for submitting inquiries, but it never hurts to provide a direct and personal method of contact. While not all brands have dedicated telephone numbers, even something as simple as a private email address can be an excellent addition. By knowing they can reach a real person, users will be more likely to contact you rather than a competitor.

While your focus may often be on pinging links for your content to social media and targeting search engine audiences, how users perceive your website upon landing matters just as much. By optimizing your contact page using the above advice, you’ll generate more leads and keep competitors from stealing them from you.

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