Niche Social Networks – Are You Utilizing Them?

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Most websites and companies have heard of mega social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube. Their omnipresence on the internet is something that we all either use on a day to day basis or are witness to when navigating just about any website. What some webmasters and businesses fail to realize is that there are dozens of other social networking websites out there that cater to smaller yet more dedicated audiences. In the world of niche marketing, these tiny social networks can be valuable in getting your products and services seen by those who are interested.

The Premise

Many people use the major social networking platforms, but they may also enjoy using platforms that are less populated and therefore more relative to their particular interests. Instead of a social network of 100 million users who have an array of different interests, many of these networks instead have populations closer to 100 thousand users that share the same unique interest. If your site is built around the premise of a particular niche or isolated category, then there is most likely benefit in finding a social network that caters to these interests. Those who successfully utilize these systems can stand to gain a heaping of new traffic and revenue for their sites, companies and projects.

Finding Your Niche

As previously mentioned, there are plenty of smaller social networking platforms on the internet that offer people like you the ability to market a brand to interested users. If your current operation revolves around pinging YouTube videos about art to interested users, then you may wish to use a site such as deviantART that currently boasts over 20 million users. Likewise, a campaign that revolves around the sales of custom comic strips may find welcome arms awaiting them at ComicSpace, which has a dedicated fan base of around 100 thousand users.

Building Your Base

Upon joining one of these niche social networks, you will probably notice that there is a pecking order of sorts – that is, there are a number of established, reputable posters who have earned the respect of their peers by providing quality information and updates. If you think you can simply begin pinging YouTube videos and instantly become a star, then think again. You will need to gain the trust of fellow community members by providing substantial value to the discussion at-large. This is perfectly feasible but does usually take some time before people begin to notice your worth.


With a plethora of niche social networks currently available on the web and new ones constantly being created, you are sure to find a network that matches the criteria of your site or business at one point or another. By being an active member, providing valuable content to the members of the community and occasionally plugging your own project in an intrusive-free way, you will begin to reap the rewards that these networks can offer. Best of all, most of these networks are absolutely free to join. With no excuses left and only time to spare: why are you still waiting? Begin your newest social networking adventure today!

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