Four Unique and Bizarre Social Media Websites

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Four BizarreWe have all grown accustomed to the concept of expansive, one-size-fits-all social media platforms: while Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn all have their specific strengths, they are generally broad platforms through which virtually anyone can find common bonds and interests. What is even more common, though – and often less heard of – are smaller social networks that fulfill specific niches in the web community. Any good brand, advertiser or social media guru should be aware of all social media networks out there, even if they may not be of particular use. Below, we will discuss four not-so-heard-of social media networks and what each offers its users.


Billed as a social media site that connects users through their dreams, REMcloud is a novel experiment that allows people to share their dreams anonymously or via an account. Users will be able to see ‘trending dreams’, utilize the platform to interact with Twitter and other social networks and even start pinging blogs with information about your slumber, thanks to the awesome API that is currently available. REMcloud is completely free to use and can be a great way to learn more about your dreams without needing to resort to therapists or complex internet searches.


Anyone who has been through a divorce knows that emotional support is a huge benefit, but many people do not want to discuss those intimate details on conventional social media sites for the world to see. This is where Divorce360 enters the picture: designed by divorcees for divorcees, Divorce360 provides a variety of community-based platforms through which users can interact, as well as several sections of advice on how to navigate through financial, emotional and familial issues. Users can quickly sign up for the social media network and be connected with hundreds of thousands of other users who can empathize.

A Small World

Built to be rigidly exclusive, A Small World is a unique social network that cannot simply be joined – unless you know the right people. This network has been around since 2004 – making it older than Facebook – and only allows people to join through invites from existing users. This type of approach has allowed A Small World to foster a sense of commonality and trust that has helped business leaders make new acquaintances and strong friendships be forged. Many people do not want to be pinging blogs, websites and other platforms with their contact information: social networks like A Small World allow users to avoid that fate.

Stache Passions

A variety of dating and social networking platforms exist to help users find like-minded people, and Stache Passions is no exception. A social network built by mustache lovers, for mustache lovers, it provides a community interaction while also offering the ability for users to connect with potential romantic interests. Forums, blogs and video sections are all available on Stache Passions, which helps users enjoy not just the company of fellow mustachios, but can also be a great source of information for those concerned with hygiene, appearance and proper grooming tips.

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