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Social BuzzThe concept of social media has opened gateways never before accessible when it comes to advertising a product or service. Figuring out how to access each target demographic on these separate social networks can be a pain for an entrepreneur that does not have prior social networking experience. Fortunately, a new service known as SociBuzz may change all that. This service integrates many of the repetitive, duplicate tasks and complicated specifics into an easy-to-use format for advertisers. We will discuss in greater detail how this service can provide a needed boost to your existing customer base.

Works with Advertisers and Publishers

While Socibuzz is new and yet fully developed, the premise is to create a seamless service that allows advertisers and publishers to work together, with the publishers advertising your content throughout multiple social networks. Some people may re-post your advertisement on all of their social networks, while others may post to just one or two social platforms. You are only charged by the click, and the base rates are impressively low when considering the PPC advertising rates offered by social networks such as Facebook that have integrated advertisements into their system. Socibuzz currently has approximately 500,000 publishers, but the network is sure to grow over time.

Customized Link Placement

If you want to target a specific audience or on particular social networks, Socibuzz is a great tool. Likewise, it also works for those who want to do a broader advertising campaign that appeals to an array of individuals. You can also place your ads in broader categories, which are created by the publishers and periodically updated and reviewed as necessary. Specific countries can be selected to prevent your ads from being shown in places that are not relevant to your product and service. Socibuzz also takes precautions to ensure that ads are not being manipulated by publishers, even verifying that the clicks come from the same social network that you requested the ad be placed on.

Monitoring Your Traffic

While Socibuzz keeps tabs on how many people have clicked your ads for purposes of billing, you may also want to use a separate system to monitor the traffic (both incoming and outgoing) to each of your advertised pages. While there are plenty of free and premium services out there that can provide this assistance, we highly recommend using Pingler’s simple-to-use Link Analyzer, which will show you a list of all incoming and outgoing links to any URL. This is perfect for seeing what traffic is making it to your site.

Make Some Money

Any entrepreneur understands the give and take of business, and it’s perfectly possible to use Socibuzz to either make a little extra money on the side or to help fund some of your advertising projects. By engaging in the publisher program, too, you can post ads to your own social networks for other sites and earn compensation for each click. Payouts are done each week via PayPal and the minimum threshold is incredibly low – just $1. Of course, if you want to add that money to your advertising campaign in an attempt to drive more traffic to your site, you can do that as well.

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