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Content LinkedFor a long time, LinkedIn was thought of as a relatively dead social media network that was for stuffy professionals. As time wore on, however, the network seemingly came to life and is now one of the most active social media networks in the world. While many use it extensively as a platform for potential hiring and employment decisions, the possibilities that LinkedIn presents to its users are truly multi-faceted in nature. Many people produce content for the social media network as a way to elevate their own profiles and that of their brands. Below, you’ll find some tips on how to maximize its effect on the professional social media network.

Have a Plan

When it comes to publishing content on LinkedIn, keep in mind the nature of the audience. Business professionals and industry leaders expect reliability in their day-to-day work lives; they will likely expect the same from you. As such, it is a good idea to have a content calendar around which you plan periodic updates. You do not have to post updates every day, but having a regular schedule – perhaps weekly – in which you are pinging servers with a new article or piece of analysis is ideal. This will ensure that more people check back with you on a regular basis for new ideas. When people know that you’ll be providing insight every Friday, for instance, more of them will check in to see what you have to say.

Don’t Be Afraid to Advertise

While organic growth on LinkedIn is certainly valuable – perhaps more valuable than on other social media networks – you should be willing to embrace paid forms of outreach as well to get your message out there. Sponsored updates are a great way to ensure that your content reaches as many people as possible in a short period of time, so any time-sensitive pieces of content you provide may be better served by using this option. Other forms of advertising that are less prime exist on the network, but LinkedIn has a rather sophisticated set of targeting algorithms that help maximize who sees your ads in any situation.

Use Proper Formatting

LinkedIn is a network of professionals and one of traditional social media users. Because of this, you want to ensure that your content is properly formatted and appealing to all who see it. You can achieve this effect by being sure to include a brief description – at least 20 words – with every post you make and link that is shared. In addition, be sure to include images to maximize the post’s reach and appeal, and when possible, link to your content off-site. This will ensure that you maximize the number of impressions and interactions you are capable of getting (shares and input on social media, and clicks and conversions on your website).


There are dozens of ways to get more out of your LinkedIn content experience, but start out with the advice given above if you are new to the game. By pinging servers with updates on a regular basis, advertising to boost relevant posts and using proper formatting to maximize its effect, more and more people will value and share your content. This will help lend credibility to you as a professional and a valuable industry contributor, opening up new possibilities for you on the network.

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