Gathering Feedback Is Important – Here Are Three Plugins to Help You Do That

Feedback KeywordsWhile content is the basis of a website and makes it all possible, your visitors are the most important outside element of the equation. Without them, what purpose would your website serve? It stands to reason that their thoughts and opinions are valuable insights into what you’re doing well and what could be done better. You may have even already tried to collect feedback in a minimally invasive way; if you have, then you have probably discovered that it is harder to convince people to leave their thoughts when they are satisfied than when they are not. We’ll discuss three WordPress plugins below that are designed to integrate with your website and will help encourage feedback in effective ways.

Total Feedback

While the classic survey form may not be the most effective way to collect information, it certainly can be the most thorough. Especially when the right people see it, survey forms can provide a plethora of valuable data for webmasters and brands. Total Feedback is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build rich, custom forms that can assist in boosting conversions and obtaining some very interesting data in the process. Your views, responses and response rates will all be neatly categorized and organized by the plugin for simple viewing. With this data, you can optimize both your website and your pitches for more information via the forms in the future. Total Feedback is definitely worth checking out if you need more detailed information through traditional means from your shoppers or readers.


If you already have multiple sources for commentary, reviews and feedback, then integrating them into one resource can be a big pain. With Cyfe, however, it is not. While you’re pinging users for feedback, Cyfe collects this data across all sources and integrates it into one easy to use dashboard. It not only can be used for on-site feedback collection, but can also be used with email forms, social media and more. ZenDesk is a popular feedback platform, and Cyfe integrates with it seamlessly. Considering that you can utilize responses from Mailchimp, Facebook, web analytics and more within Cyfe, it seems like a no-brainer for those already soliciting feedback across multiple sources.


Another great WordPress plugin with a different approach to things, Qeryz tries to encapsulate the opinions of your visitors from the moment they arrive. Rather than asking for feedback about how a transaction went or how easy it is to use your site, Qeryz jumps into action within a few seconds of the individual joining the site. By pinging users with a series of pointed yet simple questions about visitors’ impressions of the site, it aims to figure out how well you are doing and will continue to do with these individuals. By prompting them for quick responses in the beginning, the theory is that these individuals will retain that opinion for the foreseeable future. The developers of Qeryz also suggest that this action – pre-emptively convincing people that they like your site – translates into higher response rates on other forms of feedback generation.

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