Ways to Maximize LinkedIn Mobile’s Utility

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Maximize MobileThe business social network known as LinkedIn has been around for several years and serves a valuable purpose in the world of business to business relations. It is also the perfect place for professionals to meet prospective employers and keep a close eye on their online reputations and resumes. Tens of millions of people use LinkedIn for all of these purposes, but many do not find a reason to utilize the social network on a regular basis – at most, many may check in once per week to see if any new opportunities or messages have been received. LinkedIn’s apps allow for users to check all of this while on the go, but the potential does not stop there. There are plenty of ways that you can maximize the utility of LinkedIn on a regular basis from your mobile phone; we will discuss these methods in the following article.

Push Relevant Content

When you are browsing interesting business stories on your mobile device, do you ever wish to share them with those who will appreciate them? With the several LinkedIn mobile applications now available, you have the power to spread the word and in the process, be seen by influential parties throughout your extended network. The more you are pinging users with relevant information, the more likely you are to be remembered by those who might have the need for your services or expertise at some point in the future. Many users of the social network have described success stories that originated from a simple action such as sharing an informative business strategy or piece of advice. If you spend just a few minutes of your time each day pinging the network with valuable content, then you are exponentially more likely to be seen by those who matter.

Gain Valuable Insight

A great way to improve your prospects for future employment or the securing of new clients is to know more about these entities. The LinkedIn mobile app offers a section that allows you to inspect recent posts by companies that usually showcases the data and information in which they are interested. Many businesses and individuals have taken this information and then used it to generate conversations and opportunities with others. By checking in once per day and seeing what is happening in the world of your industry, you can create valuable connections and boost your knowledge of prospective employers and clients.

Learn About the Competition

While you may be gainfully employed at the moment, you never know when life will throw you a curve ball. It helps to be aware of individuals who are within your industry and who may be jockeying for your job or position. Likewise, you can see what skills or talents they have and use this as a way to improve yourself and your earning potential. As you are pinging users’ profiles, you may also find interesting information that could come in handy at a later time – a potential friend who had the skills listed that are necessary to complete a project, for instance.

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