Major Marketing Possibilities for Brands on Facebook

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The age of social media is now entering its third decade with no signs of slowing down. A majority of the world’s population is engaged on at least one social media platform, with a few notable examples being responsible for a large segment of social media activity. While platforms such as TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram have become disruptive influencers in the industry, tried and true platforms such as Facebook remain very powerful tools for many brands and businesses.

With Facebook in particular, proper marketing techniques are crucial to achieving consistent visibility – even among loyal followers. As such, let’s look at the major marketing possibilities that brands can take advantage of and maximize via Facebook’s large audience.

Standard Ads

Obviously the most straight-forward way to generate attention via Facebook is to run one or more ad sets. In this situation, running ads is easy and can be setup in as little as a couple of minutes. A wide variety of ad types can be used on Facebook depending on your exact goals. If you want people to be pinging your website for the purposes of purchasing a product, there’s an optimal ad format for that. Likewise, letting Facebook optimize your ad for a particular upcoming event can be done as well.

Take advantage of ads and you can quickly reach very large numbers of people who are relevant to your brand’s overall message and offerings.


Being able to drum up attention is useful in itself – but it is not always easy to get people to care when there is profit at play. One major marketing opportunity on Facebook is to utilize fundraising for a noteworthy cause to generate buzz.

These marketing methods work best when raising money for an independent cause, but can of course be used to raise money for your brand directly as well. By setting up a donation page through a service like GoFundMe, promoting via Facebook is incredibly easy. For some specific charities and organizations, you can even promote fundraisers directly through the platform and allow users to donate to the cause without leaving Facebook.

The end result? Worthwhile fundraising efforts can generate ample numbers of likes, shares and comments that drive visibility.

Giveaways and Promotions

Last but not least, never underestimate the power of free stuff. Facebook’s wide variety of marketing options makes it easy to promote any deal, sale or contest that could put something of value in the pockets of others.

By doing such on the social media giant’s platform, word can quickly spread. Especially when coupled with a call to action on the platform itself for engagement, generating viral levels of attention in the form of clicks, likes, shares and comments can easily be done.

People show up when they can expect something of value. Make giveaways and promotions a key part of your marketing arsenal if possible!

While pinging your website with content and targeting search engines can be a sure-fire long-term way of generating buzz and traffic, using social media to its fullest is an equally worthwhile cause. With Facebook specifically, using giveaways and promotions, fundraisers and a combination of paid advertising can dramatically juice up your marketing potential.

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