How to Procure Quality, Affordable SEO Content

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SEO ContentAs hundreds of millions of people from all across the world continue to plug in and join the rest of the world in the ever expanding global marketplace, the demand for web-based content continues to grow at a rapid rate. Not all content, however, is created equally – this couldn’t be truer than with content that is optimized for search engines. There is a careful balancing act that must occur between quality and cost, which is a concern that most businesses and consumers face in many different areas of commerce. What are the warning signs and positive indicators that you are utilizing the best services that fit your budget and performance targets? In the following article, we will discuss methods that can help you keep an eye out for both quality and poorly-written SEO content.

Use Established Exchanges

Almost anyone will be able to do a quick search in order to find advertised SEO content services. Between the thousands of websites likely to be pinging Google and other search engines and the listings in local directories such as Craigslist, it can be overwhelming to look through all of the offerings and select the best service. You can narrow down your options and increase the likelihood of quality content by sticking to sites that solely deal with content creation services and those that solely list them. Another criteria to ensure likely quality is to verify that the service is being used by others on a frequent basis. This is not incredibly easy to do with individual firms, but sites such as Fiverr and Digital Point forums can easily be determined to have sufficient competition for a thriving, quality-based SEO content market.

Ask for Escrow or Contracts

If you wish to procure SEO content from a new (to you) writer, then you can use one of two options in order to further guarantee likely quality. The use of escrow services is fairly common, especially when large batches of content are being ordered or new business relationships are formed. This will ensure that you receive the content before payment is released, giving you time to inspect the quality. Another way to reduce the likelihood of bad content is to utilize contracts to ensure prompt delivery and that any disputes are handled via outlined procedures. A bad move in the world of SEO content can be costly: a contract will help to prevent these circumstances and in the process, keep your overall SEO content costs lower.

Be Sceptical of Low Prices

Most quality SEO content in native English will cost at least one dollar per one hundred words. While some content may be listed at a rate of twenty five to fifty cents per one hundred words, this is often poorly written and/or written by individuals who do not speak English as a native language. This, in turn, will leave with sub-par content that could result in pinging Google with negative indicators. It may also turn off your audience and result in less than desired interaction, conversions and sales. In contrast, some quality SEO content may cost upwards of five dollars per one hundred words, depending on the subject and the level of detail.


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