Increase Your Content’s Social Value with These Quick Tips

Quick TipsMillions of people from around the world create content for online distribution on a regular basis. In the modern age of social media driven results, more and more of these people have sought to augment the level of performance that their content enjoys through sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google Plus. As social media marketing becomes a bigger and bigger concept in the world of content creation and marketing, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of individuals want to augment their content’s potential by making it more social media friendly. Because of this, both the quality and frequency of your content is now more important than ever. Below, we will discuss some ways you can increase your content’s social value and boost overall exposure for your brand or business.

Use Personal Elements

The main reason why social media has become so popular in recent years is due to its sense of personality. People are inherently interested in meeting other people and staying connected with those they already know, so pinging your blog or website with content that conveys a personal element is the prime way to expand its sharing potential on social networks. In many cases, a personal story or added touch to a piece of content can create a bridge through which your readers may wish to follow up with you about select elements of the story. This, in turn, presents a prime opportunity for you to engage with your readers and further augment your chances of social media virality.      Even if there are negative comments and attention as a result of the content, you still have plenty of opportunities to engage with new readers and followers, and can create new readers in many situations.

Use Pictures

This seems simple enough – after all, content of any sort should feature some form of multimedia. In the world of social media, however, your imagery can play a much bigger role than in traditional blogging. When you have to compete against hundreds of other status updates in order to be seen, it only makes sense to go with images that convey the meaning of the content and will stand out in terms of captivating the attention of your readers. Social media is big on summarized content, which means that a hilarious or adorable image can do much more for your exposure in this realm than any blog title.

Use Mobile Formats

If you are pinging your blog or website to search engines, then you hopefully already have a mobile-friendly version of your site deployed. If not, then there is a good chance that you are losing valuable traffic. Market data suggests that more than 80% of all internet devices will be mobile by as early as 2015; do you really want to cut yourself off from this market? Someone who is interested in what your content has to say may find it difficult to read your piece on a poorly formatted website that is designed for traditional browsers only. There are plenty of free tools out there to help you optimize your website for mobile, and it only takes a few minutes of your time.

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