Why You Should Choose WordPress as Your Content Management Solution

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Wordpress Over the years, many website platforms have come and gone, but a few remain as viable, timeless solutions that countless webmasters utilize. Traditional HTML websites built from the ground-up remain a mainstay and at the heart of custom websites that are built for a particular purpose; combined with other coding languages and features, their capability is limitless. Content management solutions such as Drupal and Joomla also remain popular to a degree, providing users with a lot of power if they have a solid grasp on coding and content management. WordPress, however, is above and beyond the rest in terms of how it balances a variety of website tasks and functions. Below, we’ll outline why you should choose WordPress as your content management solution for SEO and more.

Quick to Build

If you need to quickly deploy a website and do not have a lot of time to spend on building the framework, then WordPress is by far the best solution. In as little as five minutes, you can have the basics of a website in place and running. From there, it becomes a game of adding content to pages, customizing graphics and tweaking around the edges. With a variety of built-in SEO functionality and plug-ins available, it only takes a few minutes to fully optimize your website for search engines and users alike. Because of this quick build time, WordPress has grown to be the content management solution for roughly 30 percent of the world’s websites.

Faster Speeds

Pinging search engines with quality content is important, but so is the rate at which content loads for your readers. Slow websites generate higher bounce rates, which tells Google that something is wrong and that your website should not be listed as well as it may be currently. With WordPress’ world-class infrastructure, its loading time is optimized to be among the best of any content management system available. This makes it possible for users to quickly find the content they need, and that keeps search engines happy with you. While WordPress is already fast out of the box, there are also several different tweaks and additions to the construct that can be made to get even more speed out of your installation!


WordPress is perhaps the most versatile content management platform in the world for new and intermediate web developers, which is why it’s so popular. This year, Google announced that websites that do not have some form of mobile optimization handy would face penalties in mobile search, meaning that many webmasters had to make last-minute changes to be in compliance. With plugins such as JetPack available for WordPress, mobile optimization in this content management system is simple. WP users can easily start pinging search engines with mobile optimized content in just a couple of minutes, putting to rest any worries about a slide in SERP rankings. As a majority of Google’s search traffic now comes from mobile devices, it is more important than ever to have a content management system that can quickly adapt to any device, mobile or desktop.


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