Increase Leads and Build Traffic with These Simple Solutions

SolutionsThere was a time in which blanketing the internet with links, advertisements and discussions about your website was enough to boost it into the top rankings of any set of search results. In the first days of SEO, efforts were focused more upon quantity than quality; search engines were relatively unequipped to sort through the nuances of spam. As time has progressed, though, search engines have become quite adept at sensing the difference between quantity and quality – this means that your marketing efforts must be well thought out in order to be effective. In the following article, we’ll point you in the right direction by providing three simple solutions that are designed to help build traffic and increase leads for any business or brand.

Use Mobile Solutions

All too many brands and businesses have not invested in securing a mobile design/platform for their websites, and it can kill your rankings in select search results Anyone who is pinging for SEO must consider that nearly one-third of all internet traffic originates from mobile devices these days; the algorithms that determine what is displayed in mobile searches varies from that of desktop searches. Also, user accessibility is a key concern, even if users manage to find your website on their mobile devices. A variety of mobile-responsive designs are in existence and you can find free solutions to ensure that your website optimizes properly for both desktop and mobile users.

Use Local Keywords

If you want to gain traffic in easier markets in which to snap up people, then you must focus on local keyword optimization. Even if your business appeals to people from all over the world, a targeted campaign that focuses on particular markets can add a boom of traffic and increase leads for your website. Usually, people select specific cities and include those in the keywords that they target: this is very popular with concepts such as real estate, law, handyman services and niche products. You can also provide more local-centric information to users in order to add clout with readers while boosting SEO potential.

Push Social Media

Whatever you are offering or selling, there are people out there who are interested. Even in niche audiences, social media can be a great way to connect with those who share your interests. It takes virtually no time at all to integrate social media into all aspects of your site, and very little time has to be spent promoting your products and services via these profiles. You have the ability to schedule updates in advance, target specific audiences through paid advertising and even import existing subscribers into your accounts to see who else can be invited to connect with you. Social media also helps generate social signals with search engines, which is a great boost for anyone who is pinging for SEO.

By pushing social media, using local keywords and implementing mobile solutions for displaying your website, you can increase traffic and boost lead generation at the same time. These simple efforts will make users’ experiences with your site more convenient and ultimately result in more people being able to find it.

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