Turn Your Devices Into a Second Monitor with the Air Display App

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Air DisplayAs an online business owner, you’re probably always working at your computer trying to figure out the latest and greatest ways to market your company and make your website appeal to an even larger audience. And when it comes to designing your site or your promotional materials, you probably sometimes find that your single monitor simply isn’t enough for getting the job done. Or perhaps you’re so used to multi-tasking in general, with quite a few windows open at once, that you wish you had a second monitor so that you didn’t have to minimise certain windows or hide them. Well, with the Air Display app, you can transform your devices on iOS and Android into that second monitor instantly.

How It Works

The Air Display app works on both Macs and PCs, so no matter what system you prefer, you can still reap the benefits of this innovative application. Without the use of any wires whatsoever, you can transform just about any device into the second monitor you wish you had. You can use your Android tablet or smartphone, your iPhone, your iPad, or your Mac or PC laptop to give you another monitor whenever you need it.

Once you head over to Air Display’s website, you can choose what type of computer you’re using and what device you’d like it to use as your second monitor. Combinations might include a Windows computer with an Android device or iPad or iPhone, or a Mac computer with an iPhone or iPad or an Android device.

Download and Get Started Right Away

Once you download the Air Display app onto your main computer and your device, you simply turn it on, access the app, and select which device you’d like to use as your second monitor, so getting started is really easy and fast.

Display Options

Once you have your device connected and the app running, you can tell the app what you want the display on your device to show. For example, you can have it mirror the display that’s on your computer screen if you wish. And you can choose which one of your devices you want to be your main one. This is a great way to mirror what’s going on on your main computer while walking to another room to talk to colleagues using your iPad.

The Many Ways It Can Be Used

The Air Display app comes in handy for professionals across a wide variety of industries. For example, if you are a designer, you can use your second monitor, such as a tablet, as the display for all of your tool palettes while you work on your art on your main computer. Businesspeople can literally carry their computers with them to meetings by using their tablets as their second monitors, or they can have several programs open at once in order to accomplish more in a shorter amount of time. Overall, this app is valuable in many ways, so giving it a try is highly recommended.

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