How to Find Your Dream SEO Job

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Dream JobSo many people focus on how to procure new SEO clients in the age of internet marketing and content creation that it can be hard to beat out the competition. With an ever growing demand for these services, however, you can rest assured that there will always be an adequate supply of potential – if you have the necessary skills and dedication. One area in which many SEO professionals fail to thrive, however, is the element of client selection. While you may be able to find plenty of work in this field, is it the type of job at which you excel and matches your career desires? Below, we’ll discuss the oft-overlooked element of finding SEO jobs that match your desired criteria so that you can provide excellent work and be satisfied at the same time.

Have Matching Goals

All too many people in the game of SEO are focused on pinging for SEO work in quantity rather than quality. This can lead to poor results for both you and your client. What exactly do you wish to get out of the experience? Your potential clients will have goals that they wish to meet; you should always make sure that their goals are similar with what you are capable of doing and wish to do. With plenty of work out there to consider, you shouldn’t have to settle for bone-grinding work if it is not your forte or passion. When a client and employee have matching goals, they can work together better and enjoy more fruitful communication.

Have a List of Requirements

You should always be upfront and consistent about what you are willing to do and what you are not willing to do. We recommend that you do not set forth too many stipulations about what you need or what you won’t do (as there are usually others who will bend on these and subsequently beat you out for work), but a true professional knows when to say yes and when to say no. Never be afraid to turn down work if it does not match the scope of your abilities or will cause too much frustration on your end. A productive SEO worker is someone who enjoys what they do and is familiar with it. Without this list of requirements, you’ll likely end up being overworked, underpaid and otherwise unsatisfied with your career.

Determine Your Level of Freedom

Anyone who has had prior experience in the world of pinging for SEO knows that clients can be a bit demanding. It isn’t so much that they will overwork you, but rather, they will want to weigh in on every little aspect of a task that you obviously know much more about. When it comes down to working, you need a certain amount of freedom to pursue SEO strategies that work and are not subject to micromanagement. Always be sure to work out these aspects with a client beforehand; turning down work that involves a client who will constantly nitpick or want changes to be made that are not constructive is not a lost opportunity.


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