Sophisticated Tips for Promoting Content and Building Links

Whether you run a small blog or cultivate content for a large website at the top of your niche, finding new ways to promote your content and get the word out is crucial. The more popular a brand becomes, the easier these strategies also become due to sheer exposure and fan loyalty; however, there is always room for improvement regardless of your brand’s size.

We hear a lot about link building and just as much about boosting content exposure, but in many cases, the two are intertwined. To help brands better boost their online clout, we’re going to look at some great tips for promoting your content and building links in the current internet age.

Reach Out to Roundups

You’ll find countless posts on blogs and websites of every niche that summarize recently-published posts from around the web that provide real value and benefit. These roundups are a common form of content published by many, and if you put work into your own content, yours can be featured among them. You can easily search for topics related to your content followed by the word “roundup”, thereby discovering which websites and blogs commonly produce them. If your content is up to par, then reach out to the blogger(s) and let them know about your own relevant posts. There’s a good chance that they’ll sooner or later write one that’ll be pinging URLs back to your content.

Build Subscription Lists

One of the best ways to promote new content on your website is to put it in front of people who have already found interest in your brand. Whether you are selling products or providing information, you should aim to collect as many email addresses from visitors as often as possible. With this ever-growing subscription list, you can then target individuals with occasional emails that promote your latest pieces of content. This will lead to better engagement rates, more shares and a greater likelihood of reaching new people via subscribers passing along relevant content to friends.

Revamp and Improve Old Content

Most types of content have a shelf life – at least in their current form. Even evergreen content often needs occasional revamping as new trends emerge or new information is discovered; why not use this to your advantage? You don’t have to create a new piece of content for every attempt at promotion: you can revamp your old content and use it as an opportunity to promote it. By updating old information or adding new details, you then have a great reason to notify your audience by email or via social media. This can help increase exposure for the content and potentially generate new links in the process.

Promote and Inform Others

Last but not least, another great way to gain traction for your content and build new links is to find ways to incorporate various influencers into your content. Whether you’re doing a roundup or simply citing expert opinion, mentioning someone else’s website can be a great conversation starter and provide an opportunity to earn new links. By contacting the individual(s) mentioned and informing them that you’ve given them a shout-out, they may very well use that as an opportunity to promote themselves, linking back to your content. Everybody loves praise, and many will gladly start pinging URLs to said praise as justification of their own value.

Promoting content and building links often go hand in hand. While there are some situations where it’s only reasonable to expect one or another, the four tips above are meaningful solutions to improve your content visibility and earn new mentions from relevant brands, businesses and blogs.

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