Three Content Marketing Tips for Upstart Businesses

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Content Marketing Any new business most likely has a desire to cash in on the irresistible bounties of the internet, but few start off with the necessary skills that can in turn make this a reality. In the past, the establishment of a website was essentially all that you needed to do in order to gain exposure, but a mass of competition has pushed search engine algorithms to the brink in terms of how critical they must be to ensure the very best sites are given preference. Content marketing is a valuable part of SEO and marketing, both of which play a key role in driving traffic to your business. If you have recently started a business, have set up your online portal for an existing business or simply have not received the amount of exposure you would like, then continue reading to find out about three great content marketing tips designed to boost your chances for success.

Target Local Audiences

While many niche audiences on a national or global scale have been inundated with competition, many of these niches can still be targeted at a local level. Even if your business does not serve a particular local audience exclusively, there is no reason why you cannot target these audiences via keywords and SERPs. For example, a business that deals with auto insurance quotes can target consumers in every major metropolitan area for maximum effectiveness. Combined with an advertising effort such as AdSense or Adwords, small businesses can get the word out about their products and services in multiple ways. If you are pinging sites to search engines via ads and SERPs with local emphasis, then you are bound to increase engagement, revenue and traffic.

Re-Purpose Your Content

It is practically impossible for any small business to continuously churn out unique content that is relevant to their subject, industry or offerings. This is where content re-purposing can be a saviour for your content strategy. Essentially, various forms of content can be slightly altered, rewritten or incorporated into a large piece of content to create something that has new and improved value, which will help you obtain more backlinks and reach a larger number of people. The only worry when re-purposing content is to make share that it is not duplicated – search engines will penalize you if you simply copy, paste and repost content from a prior article or blog post.

Track Your Performance

Last but not least, any upstart or small business will want to keep an eye on the various metrics that are often inspected to see how well your marketing and SEO efforts are doing. Many websites now have tools that allow automatic integration of Google Analytics and other comparable tools. These tools will collect information each time someone visits your site and record information in a central database for your inspection. With this information, you can see which products are receiving the most attention, which pages are the most popular and how long an average person spends on your website. With data sets such as these for each piece of content, you can then begin to paint a bigger picture of how well your content marketing strategy is working.

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