How to Use Snapchat to Promote Your Business

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The use of social media platforms to promote businesses is by far one of the marketing methods in this day and age. Snapchat, the photo sharing app, is just one of these platforms.

Snapchat was introduced to the app store in 2011 and was originally intended for use by young people to send “selfies” or photos to each other. But now, Snapchat’s user base has expanded beyond that core audience and many business owners are finding creative ways to use the platform to their advantage. Here are five ways that business owners can use Snapchat to promote their business.

1. Give Prizes in Return For a Snap

Snapchat allows users to take advertisements to a whole new level. In addition to just showcasing your product you could also include on the ad a chance for free giveaways or money prizes to those who “Snap” your product to your company’s Snapchat account. Or you could place pictures of your advertisement onto your “My Story” and have Snapchat users screenshot (you get notified whenever someone screenshots your pictures) your snap for another chance at prizes.

2. Use Geotags

In Snapchat, geotags are filters with words that are relevant to the location of the Snapchatter. Snapchat allows users to create these filters on their website for a small fee. These filters can either state a location or an event that is happening at that certain location. If it’s a cool design and people use it lot, your company’s name will spread like wildfire.

3. Access to Love Events

Snapchat is all about real-time (a truer version of Instagram) and it’s perfect for social media marketing. It’s especially great for product launches. People get to see what’s going on at an event, and of course if prizes or giveaways are involved, more people are bound to follow the stream.

4. Show People Behind the Scenes of Your Company

People love to “keep it real,” so if your company does that, it will come off as authentic and trusting. You can post short clips of what your company does and make it fun! You can show your followers your company outings, quirky staff members, and company tours. People will feel as if they are part of your company and sometimes they can’t help but feel attached.

5. Partner with Famous People on Social Media

You can hand your company’s Snapchat account over to famous internet celebrities and have them post content related to your brand on your company’s Snapchat account. In doing so, you will expand your company’s base to the celebrities’ fans. And if you pick a particular skilled Snapchat user celebrity, it’s an extra bonus for you company since it will definitely enhance the aura around your brand name.

In short, you can’t go wrong with Snapchat, especially since its popularity is going through the roof at the moment. This new form of advertisement can be very engaging and provide very fast results if used correctly. Business owners would be wise to look more in depth into the app and see what the photo sharing platform has to offer to their enterprise.

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