How to Use Google Places to Make Money

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Did you know that Google Places offers a little known method of making serious money on the internet? Almost 20% of all searches on Google are for a specific location or mention a specific location. Google knows this only too well and has developed Google Places as a result.

Basically Google Places is a feature which produces specific search results for local businesses. The streamline analytics feature allows you to find out how people are finding you and with what search terms.

Let’s therefore assume that you either have a local business or that, like most people, you are surrounded by them. All local businesses can create a Google Places page and advertise their services. You can include an extensive range of business based information including a description of your services, your opening hours and any discount coupons you want to offer. If you receive lots of calls asking some key questions over and over again then you can also place the answers to these questions on your Google Places page. It is also possible to post multimedia files such as staff photos and videos.

Another great feature is the customized code that Google has created for each business registered on Google Places. You can print this code onto marketing merchandise such as business cards and receipts. The code can then be scanned by most smart phones and the phone gets redirected to your Google Places page. Scannable codes are becoming an increasingly popular way of interacting with potential customers and also do not require staff to be present.

There are a few basic requirements that you have to meet to have a Google Places page including having a mailing address and one business location (PO Boxes don’t count). These are not particularly onerous and most businesses will have no difficulty in complying with the requirements.

You can sign up for free at Give it a try!



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