Useful Features and Important Info About Your Google My Business Page

Every local business has a responsibility to expand its visibility and attract new customers. In years past, doing so involved tons of traditional marketing tactics that were obscenely expensive and only marginally effective. Today, businesses thankfully have a variety of free and low-cost marketing methods available that can be used to target specific individuals with interests and characteristics that align with the business.

One simple yet incredibly powerful example is Google My Business. Any physical company can access this solution, which is far more versatile than many realize. Today, we’re going to look at some little-known features and important information about GMB that you need to know.

Anybody Can Edit an Unclaimed GMB Page

You’ve probably heard it before: claim your Google My Business page as soon as possible. If you haven’t already, perhaps the fact that anybody can instantly edit your business’s details on Google will motivate you.

When unclaimed, people can “suggest edits” to any information Google shows about a business. What Google doesn’t disclose is that the edits aren’t suggested, but implemented in almost every case immediately. When you have claimed ownership of your GMB page and somebody makes a suggestion, you’ll be notified and can choose to accept or reject the edits.

You Can Post Whatever You Like

Pinging users of Google with details about your business is a valuable thing. What many do not know is that Google My Business allows said businesses  to make posts that function as ads or blurbs under the description of your business in search results.

From the dashboard of your GMB, you can click on “Posts” and begin adding new information. You can include short descriptions of upcoming events, links to particular pages or notice about upcoming sales. Whatever you’d like to promote can easily be showcased alongside your hours, address and other vital information.

You Can Book Appointments

Whether you run a hair salon or operate a lawn service, booking appointments can be a stressful and time-consuming project. There are many premium solutions available for those seeking to automate their appointment bookings, but Google My Business pages include an option for free. All you need is an existing scheduling service supported by Google.

With the booking feature, you can enable an interface that allows people to book an appointment on specific dates and times, and even allows you to show the prices for specific services.

You Can Answer Questions Easily

GMB offers a Questions and Answers feature that can be enabled for all pages, making it simple to respond in real-time to individuals and start pinging users with explanations. For a variety of questions, you can use an app to instantly respond with yes or no, or reply in-depth to more open-ended questions. This is a great utility to have for those who want to communicate with potential customers in real time without having to deal with phone numbers or in-person chats.

Google My Business offers plenty of functionality for businesses who take advantage of its full spectrum of benefits. Now that you’re aware of some of the more important things it can accomplish, you’ll hopefully take advantage of this vital service and expand your business’s visibility in search.

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