See All of Your Business’s Reviews in One Location, Thanks to Google

One LocationReviews all over the Internet from customers who have bought products or services from your business can have a huge impact on your future profits, so it is no wonder that business owners are always looking for ways to stay on top of what people are saying about them on the Web. You probably already have your Google Alerts set up to notify you whenever your business’s name is mentioned online, but Google has now made it even simpler to see customer reviews in one convenient place.

Places for Business: A Great Way to Promote Any Company

Google’s Places for Business is a great way to make yourself more visible to people who use Google to search for specific types of companies. You can easily create an account quickly and enter all of your company’s information so that it then becomes searchable by the millions of online users who prefer Google over all other search engines. So if you are a small business owner who also has an online shop, for example, you can promote yourself through the Google Places feature and target a local audience while still also being able to promote yourself online and get new customers from farther away to visit your online storefront.

Keeping Up with Reviews Left by Your Customers

For business owners who are already verified and using Google’s Places for Business in order to make themselves easier to find through Internet searches, a new feature titled “Reviews” can now be found in the profile section. The page will list all of the reviews customers have left about your business on the Internet. You can read through them and even choose to respond to them if you wish.

See Comments Left on the Top Review Sites

Customers typically use sites like Zagat, TripAdvisor, Insider Pages, and UrbanSpoon, which are not a part of Google. Nonetheless, Google is able to compile information from these websites and others around the World Wide Web where people are talking about your company, so you can rest assured that you are getting a really comprehensive report when you visit the Reviews section of your Places for Business account.

Review Analytics

In addition to making it easier than ever to find reviews that have been written about your company (no more having to perform a Google search of your business’s name to see what pops up), the new Reviews page on Places for Business also provides you with a really helpful analytics feature so that you can actually keep track of how your business’s reputation does over time.

And It’s All Free

The best thing about these features is the fact that they are all free. Small businesses with a strong online presence will definitely be able to save much-needed funds while reaping the rewards of getting the data they need to move their companies forward by reading negative reviews and changing the ways that they operate so that more people will be satisfied with their services or products in the future.

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