Use These SEO Tips in a Jiffy to Boost Your Presence

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Tricks TipsAs the nature of SEO continues to change, so do the tactics we have to use in order to be seen. While a variety of tweaks and changes occur every single year, some tried and true SEO tactics remain in place after all this time. Generally speaking, these are fundamental to SEO success but may not provide an immense benefit on their own. When preparing your website or blog for the new face of SEO, you want to have as many quick tweaks and changes on-hand as possible. The ease of optimization is often overlooked – many people focus on the large-scale, time-intensive solutions that promise long-term benefit. In the short-term, however, you can act to boost your presence. Below, we’ll discuss some tips you can use in a jiffy to boost your presence beginning today.

Increase Twitter Indexing

Do you have a bunch of tweets that you wish would appear in search engine results? It seems like a pipedream to get them indexed unless you’re a big site, but the truth is that it’s never been easier! You can increase the instance of pinging links to tweets by downloading and installing a crawlable Twitter widget on your blog or website. While you won’t be able to directly boost link building strategy with this endeavor, you will be able to use the widget to index tweets by pushing them through your website’s infrastructure. After a couple of weeks, you can try doing a search for one of the more obscure tweets you’ve recently sent out – chances are, you’ll find it on the first page of Google!

Speed Up WordPress

A variety of tips and tricks within your WordPress installation (you do use WordPress, right?) can help improve SEO performance in a jiffy. For starters, you can block certain php files from crawling (wp-admin.php is the main offender). After you do this, you can then move on to optimizing your database through the removal of any draft posts and pages that may be stored there. Then, you can verify that your website adheres to a few simple guidelines: minimal use of JavaScript, no hotlinking to images, optimization of your site’s database on a regular basis and reduction of image file sizes to boost overall loading speeds. Each of these changes will take just a few minutes of your time, but combined, will produce noticeable changes for SEO ranking in the future.

Tweak SEO Plugins

You may already have installed a variety of SEO plugins that are designed to enhance the performance of your site by pinging links to search engines, identifying keyword usage and ensuring proper tags are used. While these can be a great way to optimize your site in basic fashion, there are some downsides to their use. If you do not tweak how they are configured, then you could actually be doing more damage with them installed than without them. Some of these plugins will rewrite your titles, embed nofollow links and engage in other activities that could compromise your intended performance. Plugins are not the end-all, be-all solution to SEO – sometimes, a human has a better understanding of the abstract. By tweaking these elements, you can get the most SEO bang for your buck.

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