Three Ways to Infuse Your Blog with Tens of Thousands of Monthly Visits

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Three TeabagsDriving traffic to your blog or website is perhaps the biggest goal of bloggers and webmasters who have a product or service to offer, or who are serving up original and informative content. As such, strategies that can augment the amount of traffic – whether they be through paid or organic means – is essential and often at the top of any brand’s priorities list for online development. Content marketing plays a huge role in how much traffic you ultimately will receive, so paying attention to efforts relating to it is only sensible. Below, we’ll discuss three ways that you can begin infusing your blog with tens of thousands of monthly visits through quality approaches that can be implemented by anyone.

Good Ideas

Before you can convince anyone to visit your blog – much less return to it – you must present them with a good idea. Having a good idea in a vacuum is great, but not necessarily what you need. Keep in mind that a good idea is only as good as the audience perceives it to be. When you begin pinging users with content they find interesting and engaging, then the notion is bound to spread throughout the niche. You want to have an impact with your content, be relevant to the time and place, and generate debates/controversies when possible. Good ideas not only capture the attention spans of readers, but they also encourage discussion around the concept (which hopefully will take place in your blog comments and social media spheres).

Research Keywords

Having a great idea will go a long way when used with other tactics: namely, proper keyword planning! How else will people find your content if they cannot see it in various search results or through social sharing? There are a multitude of keyword research and planning tools out there – including many that are embedded into existing content marketing services like Google AdWords – to help you find keywords and phrases that are relevant and optimal for targeting. You’ll want to consider different ways in which to say the same thing and use this in your keyword planning and targeting efforts to saturate relevant and connected SERPs.

Encourage Commentary

If you want to boost your blog from hundreds of views per month to tens of thousands, then you’ll need to engage when it comes to engaging your audience. Great bloggers know how to encourage readers to join the discussion; whether it be through controversial coverage of an issue or direct appeals to join in the discussion, a variety of strategies all employed at once can dramatically increase the number of comments and replies your blog posts receive. In order to maximize this sort of engagement, also be sure that you are pinging users with titles and descriptions that are not misleading when it comes to the post content. Failure to do so will result in higher bounce rates and worthless clicks. In addition, the more commentary that occurs on your site, the more people will check back in periodically to argue or debate those who have an opposing view!

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