How to Cultivate a Single Piece of Content Into Many

Content creation is anchored as one of the most important tasks for any online brand, blog or business. The need to cultivate pieces of content that resonate with audiences and ensure their loyalty ultimately is unending, and can require copious amounts of work. Even after establishing a successful online brand and solving many of technical or brand-specific challenges, the need for new content will always remain.

What some may not realize is that transforming one piece of content into many individual content offerings is both possible and efficient. If you’re looking to extract maximum value from each of your content creations, then you’ll want to keep reading to find out how a single piece of content can easily become many.

Create Roundups and Archives

Just because a piece of content is old doesn’t mean that it cannot still serve value, drive traffic or otherwise generate attention. Before you assume that reviving old content is akin to pinging noise at audiences who’ve already seen it, consider that many may have never seen the first iteration or post for your content.

A great way to add value to older content is to create roundups and/or archives that combine older content publications and give readers/users a second (or third) opportunity to come into contact with it. Through this method, you can easily create new content featuring a variety of older content offerings, thereby helping to fill any content gaps you might currently be experiencing.

Utilize Email Marketing

Any online brand with a steady stream of traffic should aim to cultivate as many subscribers as possible. This can help build a substantial email marketing list, which offers virtually free marketing potential to those who are loyal or otherwise have demonstrated prior brand interest.

Email marketing can allow for seamless distribution of older content and/or new content alike, via curated emails that put together a variety of content offerings for readers. This strategy can be even more effective if you’ve collected enough information from subscribers to segment or customize your campaigns for specific users.

Repost on Other Platforms

Have you considered the effect that your content can have off-site? While sharing content on social media can generate engagements, there are also a variety of other platforms where you can attract attention. From platforms like Reddit to content curation portals such as Medium, you can use existing content in written form to generate additional visibility – and potentially even traffic – for your brand and website.

Transform It Into Other Formats

Existing content may be suited for one particular form, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the freedom to transform it into other formats! For example, a blog post may be converted into a podcast, video or slideshow that can yield different types of content that appeal to different audiences. Some users might not appreciate reading, resulting in you pinging noise at them if you try to serve them written content. Others may prefer written content to visual content.

By transforming content into a variety of different formats, you can take a single idea and create multiple variations that’ll resonate with your entire audience.

With these simple tips, you now have a variety of ideas to use in converting single pieces of content into multiple iterations and variations that’ll keep your brand pumping out new content offerings from old solutions.

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