How Reddit Continues to Be a Great Marketing Option

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Through dozens of paid and organic marketing methods, brands large and small find ways to attract people who have interest in their product, services and/or message. This is an art at its core: marketing requires a combination of cold, hard data and subjective understanding of people to work optimally.

Many people think about search engines, social media and email when considering their marketing options. However, sites like Reddit – which are vaguely social media-esque but fundamentally different – can be potentially big opportunities for the right brands. Let’s talk today about how Reddit continues to be a strong marketing choice for those who know how to use it.

Automatic Niches

One of the big appeals in Reddit is that it provides segmented networks and spaces to talk about specific topics or ideas. As a result, this makes it a prime target for marketing efforts – both organic and paid. Whether you’re pinging links via paid Reddit ads to a variety of targeted subreddits or sharing relevant organic content, you can find exactly the right people to target. Unlike social media networks where you have to target specific individuals in a wide pool of users, Reddit allows you to easily find the niches you’d like to target.

User Engagement

With Reddit – both with paid and organic posts – you have a much better chance of garnering engagement than on other networks. This is because the website is designed specifically to share content that is then upvoted or downvoted. Comments are a huge part of Reddit’s raison d’etre: they help clarify to people what a community thinks or feels about a particular post. Unlike share and likes, this form of user engagement involves real effort and is more likely to generate positive results for your brand.

Unconventional Marketing Opportunities

Different audiences demand different marketing approaches. The same can be said for different websites and social networks. With Reddit, the posting style tends to be more casual and an additional emphasis is placed on concepts like humor and brevity. It is here that you’ll be able to design marketing campaign techniques that wouldn’t necessarily produce good results in other mediums. From memes to multimedia, you can get a bit more creative – and unconventional – when pinging links to audiences.

More Real Estate

With ads on most networks, you’re limited to a specific number of characters or space. From ads in Google SERPs to posts on Facebook, there’s only so much you can promote with paid techniques. Reddit provides a better and more extensive canvas on which to paint your marketing message, with plenty of room for text, images and longer headlines to grab attention. Because Reddit ads can be displayed in the same way as conventional posts on the network are displayed, you have more room to test various strategies and give people details when necessary.

Reddit is a useful platform for businesses and brands that want to connect directly with established, relevant niches. It also gives brands the ability to be more experimental and/or detailed in their ad campaigns, and produces a type of user engagement that is often more meaningful than many other platforms. Because of this, countless businesses and websites have found use in advertising via this atypical social platform.

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