How You Can Maximize Your Reddit Marketing Campaigns Starting Today

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One of the most popular aggregate news sources and social media platforms in existence, Reddit reaches countless millions every day. The perfect platform for niche discussion and viral opportunities, Reddit has become a mainstay for many younger people in terms of being a source for humor, entertainment, information and more.

Businesses and brands can find quite a bit of potential on the social network if they combine the right amounts of organic content and paid promotions. For anybody marketing to audiences on Reddit, getting the most out of each campaign is essential. Let’s talk today about how you can maximize your marketing campaign’s success on Reddit.

Invest In Good Titles

The very first thing anybody on Reddit will see from your brand in a promotion is the ad’s title. Unlike advertising on some other social media outlets, this is the first – and potentially  only – impression you get to make. You better make it count!

One good way to test which titles will produce the best results is to run some A/B testing over time. Using a variety of different title variations and keywords, see which types of titles and phrases perform the best. After your initial findings, you’ll be able to start pinging users on Reddit in the future with titles optimized for success.

Be Coy and Casual

Reddit is a community. When  brands blatantly spam various sub-reddits with advertisements and promotional posts, it often invalidates the content in the eyes of many. Remember that anybody can see your entire posting history, what content you’ve shared or how you’ve contributed. It is generally a good idea to organically interact with communities when first signing up.

Be casual about how often you promote and do not attempt to spam. Some of the best marketing tactics on Reddit come from individuals who are not even affiliated with the brand, but nevertheless create reviews and content to share that is helpful to many.

Engage – Positively

When promoting any brand or product – even if you’re not somebody working for the company – you are bound to get detractors. Don’t view this as a negative: it provides you with an opportunity to engage!

There are many people who will feel compelled to comment on any Reddit post, in both positive and negative ways. Use this as an opportunity to increase engagement and clarify any questions or comments. There are always people on Reddit who thrive on complaining, criticizing and trying to get a reaction out of others. Ignore this attempt and instead, turn it into an opportunity to better represent your marketing campaign.

Be Resourceful

When contributing on Reddit, people are thankful. If your marketing efforts can be dressed in such a way that it appears you’re offering helpful information, then it get a much warmer reception. One way you can start pinging users with more effective posts is to include resources and links in each post.

Among these, you’ll obviously want to link to items, products or pages that you’re promoting. Don’t make it transparent, however: be sure to include a variety of helpful links that cover the main points of your post.

Reddit is a unique platform that has plenty of potential for brands seeking to augment their marketing prowess and brand recognition. If you follow the advice given here, you can gradually improve the marketing campaigns you’re running in Reddit, generate more positive attention and achieve your desired goals.

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