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Digital marketing is now the art of the masses: with strategies available for brands big and small and with budgets of any kind, reaching out to new audiences has never been easier. Whether you’re spending $5 or $500,000, every brand has one or more goals in mind when they deploy their marketing campaigns.

No business has resources to blow, which is why it is important to extract maximum value from every campaign regardless of size. There are many tricks and tips that digital marketing pros use to get the most bang for their buck; are you making the most of your ad spending?

Today, let’s look at some ways you can begin improving the ROI on your digital marketing strategy beginning right now.

Measure Success by Conversions, Not Clicks or Leads

Unless the goal of your digital marketing campaign is to generate clicks, you shouldn’t be measuring success by how many people clicked on your ad or link. When pinging your website to thousands or even millions of people, you’re bound to get a relatively large number of clicks. However, what matters most in determining the efficiency of digital marketing is what those clicks and leads become. Whatever the goal of the campaign itself, that should be the metric for success. In fact and in most cases, a campaign that gets 10 conversions and 100 clicks is more successful than a campaign that gets 20 conversions and 1000 clicks; how much you make is determined in large part on how much you spend.

Build Your Campaign with the Future in Mind

There is a time and place for short-term, specific campaigns. For example, if you’re needing to clear out inventory quickly or want to promote a holiday sale, advertising with the present in mind makes sense. However, in most cases, you want to be building a digital marketing strategy that keeps the future in mind. This means that each ad campaign should not only represent the content and ad copy well, but should do its best to convert viewers into long-term followers of the brand. If you can do this, then the true value of each campaign becomes much stronger – and your brand’s marketing potential increases exponentially with time.

Simplify the Conversion Process

How many steps must your audience take in order to fulfill the final goal of your marketing campaign? Chances are there are steps or parts of the process you can eliminate in order to improve efficiency. Every step in the conversion process automatically reduces the number of people who will perform the action desired. Whether you’re trying to collect email addresses, sell products or simply get people to act on something, limiting the number of clicks and information that must be provided will help produce more efficient campaigns. This will ensure that the people who are pinging your website become more likely to follow through, maximizing your ad budget, time and efforts.

It turns out that you don’t need millions of dollars or a full-time marketing team to improve your existing efforts. By reducing as many of the steps in the conversion process as possible, building a campaign with long-term goals in mind and measuring success by conversions rather than impressions, you can get more value out of each campaign you deploy.

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