How Just a Few Minutes Each Day on Twitter Can Make You a Master

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Few MinutesYour brand presence on Twitter – whether it be as an individual expert or professional, or as a business-based brand – can be the lifeblood of success in the world of social media. Twitter presents opportunities for networking, commerce and expansion in ways that other social media platforms simply do not offer. Unfortunately, starting out on Twitter can be a difficult experience. Building up a cadre of followers who actually care about what you say will be the biggest initial challenge, but there are ways to stack the deck in your favour. Today, we’ll talk about how just a few minutes each day – when focused on specific tasks – can help turn you or your brand into a Twitter master.

Search and Follow

In just a couple of minutes, you can easily find something interesting to engage with and follow on Twitter. With the platform’s built-in recommendations, search engine dominance and in-house intuitive search functions, you’ll be able to quickly start pinging search engines like Google for relevant tweets about topics, following users who share similar interests, and connecting with people who matter in your field. This is usually the first and best way to generate potential leads and interest in your own brand’s presence on the network (it’s common courtesy for many people who receive a follow to respond in kind). With just a couple of minutes of time each day engaging in this most basic of Twitter activity, you can begin to find new influencers, content and potential friends.

Share Content

The next best way to drive attention to your brand on Twitter is to spend another couple minutes each day sharing new content. Once you’ve followed a substantial number of people within your niche and beyond, you’ll constantly have a supply of content that can be relevant to your own audience. Many influencers and followers of content within your niche alike like to see their content being shared by others, and will check you out in exchange. This can be a great way to generate more followers and retweets for your own brand – assuming the original content you provide is interesting or insightful.

Inspect Trends

True marketers understand how the latest trends can often be incorporated into their own niches. Twitter does a great job at putting the latest trends in front of everyone, so why not peruse the latest trends in order to find something that connects with your niche? This can be an excellent way to reach people outside of your niche through retweets and hashtags, but it can also be a great method for generating plenty of fresh content that is relevant to current events. Also remember that every new tweet you send out is pinging search engines and may very well end up being in one or more Google SERPs for these latest trends.

By searching and following influencers across the network, inspecting the latest trends and sharing content that is relevant to your niche, you can slowly but surely become a Twitter master with just a few minutes of free time each day. While there are certainly many different elements that factor into long-term Twitter success, these three basic ingredients will help you to build a strong foundation from which to grow your brand’s recognition and clout on the social media network.


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