Power Through Your Pinterest Marketing Efforts in Just a Few Minutes Each Day

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Time BallBeing active on social media is necessary for any brand or business. While there can be many different types of social media marketing angles to consider depending on the type of niche your brand inhabits, there is a universal importance when it comes to engaging with your target audiences in every format. All too many businesses and brands fail to reach market saturation and ideal reach because they think social media is not for them. With so many networks to consider, it can be hard to know where to begin. Pinterest can be a great utility for many brands who have niches in art, real estate, fashion, crafts and a variety of other areas. Today, we’ll talk about how you can power through your daily Pinterest marketing regimen in just a few minutes while extracting maximum benefit.

Follow the Metrics

Pinterest offers an aptly-named Pinterest Analytics solution with all accounts. This will allow you to follow trends in your social media activity and engagement. Every day, it is vital that you inspect your metrics to see how well each post is performing. Over time, this will give you greater insight into which types of posts and pins are performing better than others. You can then begin pinging users with content that is optimized around what they wish to see, re-pin and engage with otherwise. Just a minute or so each day in Pinterest Analytics can be a life-saver for those who struggle to gain traction with most of their content. There’s no need to be wasting time curating content that people do not find enjoyable.

Schedule Your Content

Rather than logging on multiple times throughout the day to share content you’ve made or found, use Pinterest’s scheduling feature to take all of the work out of your daily curating! You can easily queue up a half-dozen or more pins for the day via this feature. One major and obvious benefit in using the scheduling feature is to reduce the number of times you have to access the platform directly each day, but it doesn’t stop there. You can also spread out your posts over the course of the day, ensuring that most people see more of your posts. This can be especially useful when combined with information from Pinterest Analytics, as it will help you determine when your users are most active. You can then ensure that pins are being circulated at optimum times.

Repin Niche Content and Website Content

The two primary sources for content in which to share via Pinterest should be within your own Pinterest niche and from your own website. There are many different ideas for content inspiration that may be lurking on your own site. Product images, infographics and a variety of other media can easily be shared from your website to Pinterest, and there is an abundance of content already on Pinterest – shared by other users – that can be repinned on your own page. Rather than searching for hours in pursuit of interesting content that might not tie in with your brand’s overall mission, try pinging users with content that is already close to home.

These three simple tips can streamline your Pinterest strategy, and will only take minutes each day!

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