Three Cheap, High-Quality Graphic Design Solutions

Number ThreeThere are many necessary elements that each play a role in how shoppers, users and subscribers view a brand at first sight. The need for a dedicated web presence in crucial in making a good first impression, as is a strong yet simplified navigational infrastructure. Perhaps just as important is the need for solid aesthetics – images, colour coordination and overall web design – with entire schools of thought in traditional and modern marketing circles that explain why colours and aesthetics are so vital to long-term success. Quality graphic design work used to be an expensive proposition, but the internet has made it possible for brands to connect with freelance designers from all over the world. We’ll review three cheap yet high-quality sources for graphic design work below that may be useful for your next project.


One of the biggest freelancer hubs on the web for just about any service, Fiverr prides itself on providing customers and freelancers with the ability to connect over work that costs just $5. While the platform offers additional pricing options, many graphic design services can be purchased on here for the base price. Whether you’re looking for comics and characters, logo design, book covers, Photoshop assistance, 3D models, vector image creation or something entirely different, there is a near 100% chance that you’ll find someone willing to do the work on here. With customer reviews, escrow payment and task completion updates, you can rest assured that you’ll get the work you need in a timely fashion and as expected in terms of quality. With so many freelancers pinging users with listings on the platform, you’ll hardly ever have to consider paying more than $5 for any basic graphic design project again.


Another popular solution for brands and people in the market for creative content, the GigBucks website is an absolutely great source for cheap, high-quality graphic design solutions. Whether you need something along the lines of art or you need a creative new logo to show off your company’s spirit, the gig-masters on GigBucks can deliver. Tasks start at just $5 – which will get you most anything along the lines of logos, basic images or photo alterations – and run all the way up to $50, depending on the exact service. Customer service quality controls are a big part of the GigBucks experience, so you won’t have to worry about being ripped off in one way or another.


Formerly known as oDesk, the UpWork platform is a well-known and established platform for finding graphic design solutions (and just about everything else as well). There are listings for jobs that have a fixed price, but those in search of more complicated services can begin pinging users with listings for their jobs and have freelancers bid on it. This type of search may not be the most ideal for those needing something simple with a fast turnaround time, but larger projects with budgetary management needs will find that getting the best rate is sometimes a big priority. Through UpWork, you have the ability to procure graphic design assistance in either way, and customers on the website definitely appreciate the enforcement mechanisms that keep any scammers away from it.

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