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Keywords LegoWhether you are putting a website together for the first time or are a seasoned professional, you may be wondering how you should proceed with optimizing your website so that as many people as possible will be able to find it. The best and most tested way of increasing traffic to your site is using keywords throughout the pages that will attract and indicate to search engines specifically what your site is about and from there, how to categorize it. These suggestions will point you in the right direction of discovering keywords that are a great fit for your site and hopefully will educate you more on the basics of keywords.

Brainstorm Your Category

Once your site is deployed, ask yourself: what exactly is my site about and what would people search for to find me? This is the biggest question as the process in question (what people search for to find you) is the most important way to drive traffic. By having the answer to this question, you have accomplished the hardest part. Jot down a series of words and phrases that may be relevant to your website; for example, if your site specializes in plumbing, you may want to include plumbing, pipe repair, sink repairs, and other words in your initial draft of potential phrases.

Use Generators

Once you have a list of potential keywords and phrases, you may want to also use a keyword generator to get even more ideas. Pingler offers a Keyword Suggestion Tool that will give you dozens of suggestions from just one keyword selection or entry. By adding these to your list of previously conjured keywords and phrases, you should now have a list of several dozen different possibilities that can be incorporated into your website and content.

Go Local

Now that you have tons of keywords to check, you should consider which ones of these you can begin to use in a local sense. For example, if one of your keywords is “sink repair”, then you may want to reduce the likelihood of irrelevant visitors finding your site by making it “sink repair Dallas” or “sink repair in Phoenix”. This will give your site precedence in local search results where your services are more likely to be used. If you are marketing to a broader audience with products, you can still use local keywords as a trick to bring others to your website; feel free to have a variety of landing pages with various locales keyworded into the content.

Pick Keywords With Few Results

It will be much harder to break into a keyword that has millions or tens of millions of results. After compiling your list of selected keywords, narrow it down further by searching each one. Any keyword that returns more than one million results is probably not worth your time. Keywords with 50,000 results or less are virtually guaranteed to give your site the top spot once optimized correctly. Keywords between 50,000-1,000,000 results will take more time to conquer, but are still very doable and should be considered for your site.

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