Four Ways to Improve Your Calls To Action

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 Calls to ActionWe all strive to bring more attention to our websites and projects by driving additional traffic to them. Still, what good is traffic if it does not result in conversions, clicks and sales? Obtaining elevated traffic is only one element of a marketing strategy: another part revolves around getting this traffic to interact with your site and brand. In order to help struggling webmasters achieve a better result, we have put together a list of the four best ways in which you can motivate your visitors to action. Each strategy has its own advantages, as we will outline in this article.

Use Imagery in Checkout

If you are trying to convince a user to engage in a Call To Action – whether that is purchasing a product, signing up for updates or sharing content in the hopes it will go viral – then you want to emphasize aesthetic elements in order to make readers feel positive about your brand. By pinging to Google a positive, clear description of what it is you are offering, you will gain more traffic and conversions. If you are asking someone to engage, then you need to display an example of what it is they will be receiving. Like most, you probably would not want to buy or sign up for something if you have no idea what it looks like or the purpose it serves.

Dare People To Do Differently

Some websites have had phenomenal success using a rather unorthodox tactic: telling their readers NOT to click on their button or fill out their form. How does this work? You obviously want to be cheeky about the situation – you genuinely want people to engage with your project. However, being creative and using a tag line to the effect of “Those who enjoy a mediocre existence will not click on this”, you can provoke the reader into having an elevated amount of interest. Research shows that a method such as this can boost your conversions by up to 200%.

Reach Out When They Are Heading Out

Many websites have begun using exit calls to action as a way of reaching out to individuals one last time before they leave the site. There are software solutions available that can be installed to your site, and will determine when an individual is about to leave your website. In knowing this, the software will display an exit call to action to the reader, asking them to engage with your brand in whatever format you have determined prior. Consensus from webmasters suggests that complaints about the service are minimal and that conversion rates have increased by 30-50% in the process.

Create A Sense of Exclusivity

Some webmasters have utilized an approach that makes their products or offerings seem in low supply or only available for a limited time. One webmaster who previously used calls to action took them down, and in the process noticed that his conversions (in this case, purchases) increased as more of his customers thought supply was low. You can also use select software to display calls to action on a limited basis, rather than displaying them on your website or pinging to Google the latest versions.

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