Why Blogging As a Business Is Worth the Effort

Blogging OfficeWhether your business has expanded to the digital realm or is based solely within it, there are many reasons why the internet can be alluring. The ability to connect with countless people from all over the world makes many businesses take a second look at B2B, B2C and broader e-commerce models using digital infrastructure. There are many businesses that fail to understand that – absent a paid marketing campaign – there is a need for quality content on their websites. Some businesses have resorted to blogs as one way to fulfil this criteria, but many wonder what is the point of such an endeavour. We’ll review precisely why blogging as a business is totally worth the effort in today’s discussion.

Highlight Your Knowledge

It is essential that businesses demonstrate their level of knowledge and expertise in their field. Not only is it important to highlight this expertise so that customers – whether they be consumers or other businesses – know they can trust you, but search engines also rank websites better that have authority and trustworthiness. In both of these areas, creating great content through a business blog is absolutely one great way to accomplish something. By pinging search engines with content that informs, entertains or otherwise showcases your business’ knowledge, you’ll be able to please search engines and retain more of the traffic that arrives on your website.

Improve SEO Potential

We’ve already touched on how search engines want to see content from you that is authoritative, but that content needs direction and guidance in order to help your website grow. Search engine optimization helps search engines balance millions of websites against each other using a plethora of different variables. One important area to consider is keywords: if your content is great and it is optimized with specific keywords, then the chances of appearing on the first page of results in search when people search for those keywords increases dramatically. Not only will you have the ability to improve SEO potential with keyword analysis and other SEO endeavours, but you’ll also be able to track the effect that SEO is having on elements such as overall traffic and engagement rates on each page.

Suggestively Sell

Whenever you create content for your business blog, every post presents an opportunity to plug your products and services. While it is very likely that the posts you’ll be making are related to your business’ niche, you may not immediately see an opportunity to connect them with what you’re offering. Savvy bloggers, however, never pass up on an opportunity to insert a call to action or special link into each post. This will not only ensure that you’re pinging search engines with fresh content, but that you’re also creating opportunities with each new post to make a sale.

Business blogs may not seem like a necessity at first glance, but the benefits they can provide are too substantial to pass up. You’ll be able to improve your rankings in search, generate more sales and highlight your knowledge to your audiences with such a blog. What has kept you from starting a business blog thus far? Let us know what concerns you below in the comments.



  1. November 7th, 2016 1:12

    Blogging is definitely a hard business to get into, but surrounding yourself with mentors is key. Community is also a big reason why people succeed in this industry.


  2. January 1st, 2017 12:03

    @Ricky Blogging is not hard to get into – you can have a blog set up in mere minutes. Just like the article stated you are seen more of an “expert” in the eyes of the visitors that find your blog posts on the search engines. I still get traffic from blog posts i posted months and years ago.

    Also, just because you have a mentor or are part of a community, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to market your business. At the end of the day it is what you DO in your business that determines your success.



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